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Blue Collar Millionaire Mickey Redwine

Angel: “I mentioned you in one of my stories yesterday. I put the link to your “Blue Collar Millionaires” episode on Discovery. I’m about to publish my new book, “The Harvest of Chapelgate.” It will have the stories about your estate, “Cala Zarca” that I wrote back when Gigi and I visited you there. Is that ok?”

Mickey: “It’s all good and is just fine, how have you been?”

Angel: “Thank you, Mickey! I’m fine. I’ve become friends with Mark DeAlessandro who was the body double/stunt double of Sylvester Stallone for over 21 years, in 30 of Stallone’s films. He has been in over 140 feature films in all like Titanic, Batman, Spiderman, National Treasure, Mission Impossible, the Rambos and Rocky’s and dozens and dozens more. Mark keeps connecting me to his friends. There’s one recently that you might find helpful.” I didn’t say it but I had in mind a political picture I had noticed Mickey in for the guy he wanted as our next Texas Governor. The pic had been of Mickey and the guy in Mickey’s home. “Anyway, I’ll send it to you. Thanks again, Mickey!”

Mickey: "Take care, Angel"

Mark had told me to tell Kyle Saylors about his latest movie project a day or two before. I had been aggravated at Mark because Kyle is super high-up and I didn’t want to annoy him. But I had done it. When Mark had told me on the phone about “Nefarious” he had just used the people’s first names. I’d had to go figure out later just who it was he was talking about. When I did I realized, “Oh, Mark’s right, I bet Kyle WOULD like to know about these guys…wow. Then I had thought, “Mickey would too.”

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Written @11:30 am February 13, 2022.

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