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Mining for Gold in Tarsus & Ezekiel

Today's interest... So after I finished Ezekiel 48, the last chapter, last night, I went back to start over at Ezekiel 1. As a result, this morning, I'm studying the "wheel within the wheel" concept. This is so fascinating. Imagine a miner with his pick and axe, way out on a rocky mountain, past the forests, going to work in his gold mine each day. That's what this feels like - studying the Bible, God's Word, blending the ideas with physics and ancient Hebrew and a constant lifetime long walk with God our Father - it FEELS like mining for gold and precious stones. It is FUN!

Every day is something new, something astounding, filled with the little bits of insight that I dig out of my mine that are just like sparkling gold nuggets or gems - like topaz or beryl. Those are two stones mentioned in Ezekiel, stones that I just figured out the metaphysical meaning of. When I do that it brings to my mind, Saul of Tarsus, for example, because beryl links to Tarsus. It brings to my mind, for example, what Jesus said to the woman caught in constant unrepentant adultery. Jesus DID "stone her to death" but in an entirely different "way of thinking" than we think when we generally read that passage.

Stone is hardness. Jesus was talking about God's design of nature, of stone, of hardness of heart, and how God has it all carefully planned out to lead everyone to him, to his ideas, thoughts, being. Jesus' way of "thinking" is like priceless, treasure, gold, precious stones, like ideas, actions, and his guidance towards the heavenly realms.

I love it so much. Every single day I pick up my axe, pick, lights, tools, and head off to the mine. Today my mine is Ezekiel. Last night I solved one of the Bigfoot problems and wrote a simply astounding new short-story. It is about our paradigm of reality, of the physical world God our Father has created, and how Bigfoot links in with the true reality God designed. I said that this is something fairly new in the field of physics called "Holographic Levels/Paradigm." HERE

Off to the mine. My stories pretty much write themselves. I simply record them and put them one by one by one on my website for any fellow miners who stumble my way. xo

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Written November 9, 2023 at 12:48 pm

Quote: HERE

Metaphysical meaning of thought (mbd)

Meta. Thought is the process in mind by which substance is acted on by energy, directed by intelligence. Thought is the movement of ideas in mind.

Thought control is established by aligning the thoughts with the mind of Christ, bringing every thought into a harmonious relation to eternal, unchangeable principles.

The healing balm for every inharmony in consciousness is understanding of the creative power of thought and its relation to God-Mind and to manifestation.

Adverse conditions are built into mind and body by the law of mind action. Ignorant thinking forms the substance of mind and body into inharmonious states.


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