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New Chainsaw...New Day

(From my Facebook page; new photo album there)

If you read my short-story about my new chainsaw… The before pics (today Dec. 4, 2022) are first in this album. The after pics begin at the pic of my new chainsaw. This is my Ozarks off-grid land (yes my Bigfoot land; yes true). I took down most of my Bigfoot short-stories because it was intimidating me that I couldn’t make my property beautiful then actually get to GO there (too scary). So I dropped out of most of the Bigfoot groups and quit listening to Dogmen Encounters You Tube videos (Werewolves, I have them too, or hybrids). Instead, I’m ignoring them all as is my Ozarks lady with a chainsaw I hired. I’m just doing what I envisioned 4 years ago when I bought it sight unseen on the internet. There was a sales video of it. It was gorgeous. I picture the dry creek that runs down the middle as being cleared and beautiful, even if I have to pump & circulate water in it. I envision there will be a place or two perfect for waterfalls (even if I have to make them) deeper in. Right now I’m clearing around the new blue cabin I bought and had delivered last May and the 200’ road frontage (more like a trail). And yes, Bigfoot friends, if you see any circle them and show me. Not kidding. I’ll link the chainsaw article in the comments in a bit. xo Angel

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Written Dec. 4, 2022 at 4 pm


New chainsaw



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