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Orbs, Hebrew & Torsion Vortex Linked

My idea to apply my spiritual knowledge to physics just paid off, again. I’m reading a book on orbs. He just mentioned a torsion vortex. I know that idea. I stopped to google it. I looked at images. Yes. It matches. I just connected Orbs to the design of the ancient Biblical Hebrew alphabet & language, "God's Word," our King James holy Bible. I did it because I first put the design of what was originally communicated into my own self. I just proved Heaven is over Earth. I talk about this in all my writings. You are looking at "Firstfruits." My late husband, Robin, one of the world's historical geniuses, always told me, "Genius is being able to see how two disparate ideas actually fit together." Ancient Biblical Hebrew meets Physics. Noble Prize please.

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Written March 19, 2023 @ 4:46 pm


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