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Queen of the Universe

Mark: "You're the Queen of the Universe, Angel."

Angel: "Yes, I am. I always have been."

Mark is referring to the breakfast tray sitting on the table in front of the couch in my Royal Caribbean cruise suite. As he says it he is opening the glass sliding door in my bedroom to the beautiful deck my room has, that lets me look out over the ocean. He grabs something off the breakfast tray and heads to the railing to look at Grand Cayman. Either God arranged it or I just got lucky but my suite ended up on the right side of the boat. I've now had a perfect view of Miami, the ocean & sky, Jamaica and Grand Cayman, without leaving my room. I love it! I have barely left my room the entire trip. I want to stay in my room. Forever.

Mark: "You should have gone to Karaoke last night. Some of the Dreamers had their guitars and were singing on the deck."

Angel: "I'm going to Kyle's showing of his movie about Elvis tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it! I went to the Dreamer's event yesterday and the one last night. I played guitar with those guys at Johnny Cash's house last summer, at the Dreamer's event. I cut my thumb. I couldn't have played anyway. I'm happy right here."

I was more than happy, I was totally content. Thank you, Father, what a wonderful cruise!

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Written March 17, 2024 at 12:05 pm


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