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Rosh Hashanah & Tiny People

I have a friend who is an expert in Cryptids. She lives in Scotland. I met her in my new Cryptid group. She goes out alone and takes photos of all kinds of Cryptids. There is a time difference so I woke up at 6 this morning to my phone beeping. It was Ashley sending me some more of her photos to look at. They are amazing. I gave her the link to a Self-Publishing website so she could turn her work into a book. Today that beep held astonishing news. Clear as day, were two little people, in the woods, standing side by side, and maybe 12 inches tall. They were beautiful and very obvious. I'll put what I said to her below this. But the best part was she said she now felt like she had enough photos to create a book.

I said: "Today is the last day of the old year and tomorrow, Sunday, at sundown is the beginning of the New Year, Rosh Hashanah (Judaism). It is the PERFECT time to start your book. Do it! The world needs it Ashley! xo"


Ok, just sort of glance at what I said to Ashley (below), it is too much to understand. But this is what I said after analyzing the picture she sent me. It had a bunch of different Cryptids in it: You find these creatures by being in an area where they are. Then you take a photo. Then you enlarge the photo or put it in a filter to be able to see better. (Polish is the app we use.) Then you look at the green leaves, bark, and grass, and the white and dark places very carefully.

You understand that what you are looking for is going to be almost invisible, and that it blends into other creatures. It's like they are all there behind a veil and they are all lumped together in a big melting pot of "what in the world is that-ness." Two might share the same eye. There might be two creatures in one creature. The sizes don't seem to mean anything, because they come in various sizes. It's like looking at another dimension. That's where these things are. They are in some other dimension that blends into our dimension. They can go from almost invisible, cloaked, to fully apparent and fully manifested, like normal creatures.

Ashley has them in Scotland in the places she goes out to photograph. Other friends have them in various places here in the United States. I have them on my Ozarks' land. You might have them in your pictures and be able to see them once you know how to look, like I just described. I don't have rights to show you Ashley's photos. But I can show you one of my meadow so you get the idea. I'll put it in the comments. It has little people in it. xo

Angel to Ashley after looking at her photo: "Ok, upper dark right, two eyes and a nose full face with Dogman behind it. Two arrows down on brown area can be ears of another Dogman. I see a nose below. BUT the ears also look like little people to me. The woman is exquisite and on the left. The man has a bit of hair on top and a white beard. Both white people, both good looking. Straight horizontal next to them a Dogman. Below the Dogman something I can't make out. Also in picture, top left brown face looks like a lion. The lion's chin blends into another small creature that has the look of a cat. Beside the lion on the right, ear touching lion's eye another small creature looks like a baby bear or could be a cat. Above but touching the lion on top left corner another face looks like man. Above the middle two red arrows that point to the little man and woman, above the woman is another Dogman and another pup above it, touching. Horizontal two more. Bottom above the white that is above your name is another creature, I see two eyes and a face. Go horizontal from it to the middle and there is another large nose and slanted eyes. Besides it is another, straight above the second one is another."

Still Angel to Ashley: "The Most astounding part to me are those two small people. Like they are miniature people. Ayesha found tiny people in my meadow picture at the back of my Ozarks land, amongst other stuff. There were a bunch of them. They would come up to these tiny people's knees. Inside your red circle next to the two little people/blended large Dogman head is an obvious Dogman, may have already said. Amazing work Ashley!!!!!!!"

If you read my entire short-story just now just saw into another world, another dimension. God is amazing. Oh, today is the end, final day, of the old year, the old period of understanding God and God's Word. Tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah. Christians, if you want to go here with us the door is open. Start learning your ancient Hebrew calendar holidays. I have found that because of where I am in my walk with God the holidays, every one of them, manifests it's essence into my life on that day. It is so clear that sometimes (almost every time actually) I can fine tune the timing of the holiday by matching it with my life event I'm going through.

There is an invisible world, another dimension, that you can see if you know how to look for it. I've just explained it to you. You can go there. xo Angel

More about Rosh Hashanah HERE

My personal photo of the meadow in the back of "Angel Creek," with the different areas with Cryptids circled by by friend Ayesha. This is my Ozarks property.

"Angel Creek Meadow" - Main photo:

And now my friend Ayesha starts finding the hidden Cryptids for me:

My friend, Ayesha, whom I met in my Cryptid group founded by my friend Roy Stubblefield (who saw a Werewolf in New Orleans in 1981 and whose story is on You Tube) marked the Cryptids in my photo of my meadow at Angel Creek. The main "Angel Creek Meadow" photo was taken by the Native American Choctaw tracker, Jerry Williams (the Bigfoot Expert) and his protégée "Lead Tracker E" Elizabeth, in August of 2022 when they scouted my land.

Ayesha put the photo into the Polish filter so we could see better and she kindly taught me how to look for them. You can see them too.

Here again, is my MAIN PHOTO of my MEADOW at "Angel Creek." It is way in the back of my property, discovered by "The Bigfoot Expert" Jerry Williams and "Lead Tracker E" Elizabeth who took this photo August 2022. It looks just like a normal photo. It looks just like some of YOUR photos, probably. Look more closely. "Rosh Hashanah," Angel

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written at 7:30 am September 24, 2022

Ashley read my story & said I could show her picture of the two tiny people. They blend into a Dogman’s 2 ears.


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