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The Answer

I wrote this yesterday in one of my Bigfoot groups during a discussion:

It seems like there is a mixture. Some Cryptids are truly dangerous, malicious, and vengeful,

both Bigfoot and Dogmen and of course Creepers. But some of the Bigfoot are wild men and women of the woods. They have truly supernatural powers because they are so in tuned with nature. God simply designed it that way and they discovered what they can do. They can control their eyeshine, either eye or both, day or night, they can become translucent, cloaked, or shadows, they have telepathic abilities with each other and other animals and birds and with humans. They can tap into a universal database that everything has in common and thereby have superb knowledge of past and present in people's history. I think, (actually I've been studying this a long time, I KNOW) that what they are doing is available to ALL of us but we have to activate ALL of our chakras. Jesus was showing us this and teaching us. Christianity has watered down his message so that it is now useless. People don't want to hear the answer because the answer is way too expensive - holiness. WE HAVE TO start practicing and studying what happens when we OBEY God's commandments. It is righteousness that causes all of the chakras to become activated. I think these same powers in control right now have messed with Christianity to the point where no one thinks they have to conquer sin anymore. They don't even know they can. But that's what the answer is. The wild men and women Bigfoot are doing this. It is what will give us the ability to stop the nwo in its tracks because we become protected supernaturally.


When I posted the link to this short-story on the Bigfoot group's page I said:

I am a theological writer, who deeply studies God's Word. I have a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Divinity. I spent 15,000 hours retranslating the Bible from the original ancient Hebrew and Greek. I've been studying Bigfoot for 4 years now because when I bought property in the remote Ozarks I soon discovered them there. I call my property "Angel Creek." Before that I owned an old grist mill in Tennessee and named it "Chapelgate" I wrote stories about my experiences following God from 1985-2009 and self-published a series of books and music I call "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." My next book is the same thing and spans my adventures following God from 2009-2022. I am planning to call it "The Harvest of Chapelgate." The premise is that in 1985 I prayed a simple prayer to God asking him if there was more to Christianity than I understood. The books contain his answer to me. Four years ago God put Bigfoot into my story. So now I write about Bigfoot and my Ozarks property, "Angel Creek." There are many of my short-stories on my website. I write as I discover. Yesterday we were having a discussion in one of my Bigfoot groups. Today I captured what I said in that group about Bigfoot. Here's the story, "The Answer."

The administrator of the group asked me what I think they are. So I answered with this:

A mixture. Some Bigfoot are natural blends of human and animal. Some are manufactured by our govt's experiments and have been released into the wild. They've bred with natural ones. Now we have hybrids. I am studying the idea that our actions affect our dna. I think there are two ends to the spectrum, those who follow God and his commandments and those who reject God and his commandments. I think the Cryptids exist at both ends of the spectrum. I think their human dna changed based on generational and chosen paths that affected their dna.

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All rights reserved

Written October 23, 2022


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