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“The Land of the Gods - no; gods”

Today’s interest… I’m going through, reading, but mostly correcting, a book that has caused a century of harm to Christianity today. My life goal is to correctly understand the Bible and God’s Word in Creation. When I spent 15,000 hours retranslating the King James Bible I uncovered the true Doctrine. Christianity has their doctrine wrong. I’m working to correct it. That is what all my writings boil down to. I was trained as the Documentation Specialist for the most advanced state-of-the-art leading edge computer technology in history, in the real-time drilling of oilwells, created by my late husband, a genius engineer. I’ve been on a decades long journey with God, documenting the path. My early work is “The Chapelgate Adventure Series.” He and I bought and restored Evins Mill in Smithville, Tennessee. God taught me how to restore something in need of restoration. Then I walked every song I’ve written. I’ve bought 200+ books to study to help me grasp the true Bible, Doctrine, and Word in Creation. My friends in my stories are the closest helpers with this path I’ve been able to find. This book is Witchcraft and I reject it. It is very similar to the true Doctrine I’ve worked so hard to restore in our King James Bible in the original Hebrew and Greek. Hebrew is the key. Israel is the key. I’m sentence by sentence reading today’s book, “Land of the Gods, by H.P. Blavatsky. I do not recommend reading this book until you’ve walked the path I’ve walked. This is where today’s false ideas all around us are springing from. It is a poisoned stream. God is helping me discern how some of the true ideas in it match the true ideas in our original Bible that we’ve lost. Deadly work, like handling rattlesnakes to get the venom to heal a bite. xo Angel

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Written October 16, 2023 at 11:01 am


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