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The Scorpion King, No, the Rifle Scope Israelite Watchman

This morning I'm taking a look at the book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, in the Bible. In particular, I'm trying to grasp what is going on with the seals and trumpets since in a few hours we will have the eclipse. I'm home and will stay inside. I've written a short-story about that, "Horses & Peaches & an Eclipse." HERE A few months ago I wrote a short-story about one of the Seals and I'll go find that for you. HERE Last night, I took a look at Revelation 9 which talks about the locusts, scorpions, and the abyss. When I began retranslating the Bible a few years ago, so that I, myself, could grasp it, I was confused at the same time that I was thrilled because the paradigm we follow in Christianity is not the same paradigm that I was translating. It took years for me to grasp it. I kept trying to understand the concepts based on my years of fundamental Christianity and teachings I had absorbed from birth. They are good teachings. But they do not communicate what is actually being said in the original ideas that are the foundation for our precious Bible. I come from a belief system that has 100% confidence in the Bible. I still do. That hasn't changed. What DID change, however, was the paradigm. What that means is the lens that something is being seen through. Our Christian belief system takes "Jesus" and elevates him, rightfully so, to super-human status, rightfully so, but leaves out entirely HOW he got that way. He got that way by being a normal, regular human just like you and me. The difference is that he was born into the Hebrew mindset, Israel, and he MASTERED their teachings and beliefs. Christianity wants to discredit that, pretty much leave that out. Why? Because in order to Master the Torah you have to OBEY God's laws. OUR paradigm treats that as the most horrible evil ever conceived of. Our paradigm turns Jesus into a magic wand that wipes away any serious attempt to obey God's laws. That is not the paradigm of the Bible that I uncovered. Just the opposite. Jesus was teaching ISRAEL how to take their laws and perfect them by applying them not only to their actual day to day rituals and lives but also to their INTERNAL THINKING. So Revelation, is not about Christians magically getting a free ride to Heaven in the end. Just the opposite. It is about what happens IN THE END after someone has actually followed Jesus' example and teachings and MASTERED Torah, God's LAWS, to the point of internalizing goodness, righteousness, obedience to God our Father, Yahweh. THAT's what the Seals and Trumpets are about because Revelation actually occurs when this is done. It is the changing of our very natures, how we act, what we think, that causes the completion, the end days. That is what the Rapture is actually about. It is about how people are suddenly jerked out of their false mindset, their false paradigm, and are "taken" to Heaven. Not like we think of it. It is in your mind. Instead of thinking, "Jesus paid the price if I just believe" you have to change it to "Jesus taught us how to obey God's laws, what God's laws ARE, and internalize them, and when we do WE become the masters of Earth instead of the evil masters in control right now. THEY are causing this fake eclipse today and it is not to demonstrate how beautiful nature is. It is to trick you into believing in their OWN false paradigm about how the very system itself, Earth and Heaven, are set up. We live on a flat type, stable, earth, that is designed in a completely different way than Star Wars leads us to believe. The heavens are right over us, with the stars, planets, and signs matching God's ancient Hebrew feasts and festivals. They are lights. They are not the way they have been presented to us from birth. The Rapture is when you grasp this. THEN your belief in Jesus can take you to Heaven. Heaven is the spiritual realm, it is a frequency, above the normal frequencies that normal mankind dwell on. It is a way of thinking that is far superior, far above theirs. Jesus dwelt there. The Bible describes how to get to those frequencies. That's what the Rapture is. That IS happening today, the day of the evil intended deception occurring over us at 1:34 pm (my own time). So the retranslation of the Seals and Trumpets, of the Scorpion and Abyss, and all the rest of it is not at all like we have been fooled into believing.

Last night I retranslated the word in Revelation 9 "scorpion" and the parts about the "King" and the "Abyss." The idea of the scorpion is completely off. The actual word is what you see me doing as I write this and it means more in line with the "scope" of a rifle. It is the idea of pinpoint accuracy in seeing our enemy, by the Watchmen of Israel, and knowing what the enemy is up to and how to correctly counter and master them. That is what I am showing you right now. I am showing you the Scorpion King. Nope. I am showing you, as a Watchman of God, of Israel, based on the ABYSS - the DEEP WELL - of my lifelong study of the Bible, of God's instructions to us, of Jesus' commandments to us, of Torah and how we are to master the essence of the laws inside of us, in our own hearts and minds, the ABYSS that MATCHES like a mirror-image the DEEP WELL of our enemies' same, backwards, knowledge. The things occurring today have come from a DEEP WELL that has been dug by those who OPPOSE God. It takes a DEEP WELL that has been dug by those who OBEY God to counter it. You are seeing that. I'm not the only one, there are 144,000 of us who grasp these concepts. Why that number? It is the perfection of the 12 tribes of Israel. That is the symbolism in the jewels worn by the High Priests of Israel. Jesus wore those same jewels, INTERNALLY. When we dwell on the higher frequencies, which we get to by first following God's laws of nature, of the physical realm, of the lower frequencies, then like Jesus, our Master, our teacher who gave his very life TO master this and then teach us then we are the Scorpion King. Nope. We are the RULERS, the Kings, of the Kingdom of Heaven. We are the masters of the higher frequencies. We know the path because we have sharpened our vision to the point of a high-powered scope on a rifle. We can see. We can see with precision. We can see the enemy with laser pinpoint precision. How do we get that way? I just told you. We change our paradigm. We obey God. Today is the Rapture of the 144,000. Join us.

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Written April 8, 2024 at 8:07 am


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