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To Be or Not to Be, that is the Question

I'm starting to really hate Facebook and Bigfoot groups. I'm in one group that I KNOW was created by whoever-it-is who has an agenda to disinform the public, whether that's corporate or individual, I don't know. But you can just tell by the members. They draw in the uneducated public and try to sway them away from the actual truth. One of their techniques is to hide a bunch of mockers and scoffers in the mix. Most people, in general, are too nice to just block those plants. I also really hate exposing myself to these people but sometimes when you see the public being taken advantage of you just step up.

So today, in my Facebook news stream was a big picture of an obvious monkey on two feet, posted by someone in the Bigfoot group I'm in that I know is full of mockers. The person who posted the obviously fake photo, whether or not they intended to I don't know, of an obvious ape, serving an obvious agenda, wrote, "Have any of you actually ever SEEN a Bigfoot?" The answer is yes. If you are in the right groups, which I don't believe this one is and I pay it little attention, then you see Bigfoot and know how to see Bigfoot. You also start learning what these types of groups don't want you to know, for whatever reason.

So I responded. I said, "I blocked every mocker and will keep blocking any who respond. I don't believe in mockers. Yes. The real problem is we have our science and religion both wrong."

Then I posted a picture of mine taken by the lady who co-tracked my land for me. This happened August before last, when I had first become almost positive they existed and were on my land I had bought and I hired a tracker who brought the co-tracker, now friends of mine. It is her foot beside a Bigfoot footprint, in the dirt road, right in front of my new blue cabin I had bought the May before they got there and was afraid to use. The stories are all in my earlier stories, under the "Angel Creek," tab HERE At the time, she told me she believed it was a 7 foot juvenile. They are of the opinion they can get as big as 26 feet tall. They found trees on my property that are like trees Bigfoot bends and the sheer size and heights of the bends themselves, plus the old age of the trees that were bent, causes you to get a shiver down your spine. Yes, I've been cautious, yes, actually afraid. That has been mixed with sheer effort in trying to grasp what is going on. When you do that your science beliefs start to change and your religious beliefs start to change. That's probably WHY these types of groups exist in the first place.

Then, under my initial comment I posted, "On my property," and a picture of the co-tracker's foot beside the Bigfoot juvenile's footprint, taken at my property when they tracked it for me:

Then I wrote, "My photos and true stories about my property for 4 years. They are evolved humans. Werewolves are devolved humans. Mocking causes you to devolve so keep it up and find out."

I posted a link to my story that talks about how they are both physical and spiritual. HERE

That causes my best photo I've taken to also show:

It's in my story. Look in the "Angel Creek" tab for dozens of my stories. xo

After writing this I went back to that same Facebook Bigfoot page and read another stream. There was another post with a "Bigfoot Family" that was also obviously fake. I went through the comments and blocked a half-dozen of the mockers. I noticed, while doing so, that Facebook has changed their rules about what "blocking" means. It used to mean you simply didn't have to see or deal with them period. Now it means THEY can't interact with YOUR stuff, basically. I hate Facebook.

But I DID run across a jewel while I was blocking idiots. I even "loved" his brave sole comment in a long string of idiot jokes and mockery. He said, "This depiction couldn't be any more further from the actual truth of what's going on in this Earth." I IMMEDIATELY said, "Thank you, Father," and went to check out his profile and then his You Tube channel. Now, I plan to start watching. This guy knows. He knows some of the same things I've figured out. It looks like he can teach me some I haven't. Yay! HERE

Meanwhile, I kept mulling over this idea. I KNOW the evolving/devolving idea is correct. It matches my deep ancient Biblical Hebrew concepts I've figured out. It matches a lot of the real science concepts I've been figuring out. But what about the mirror? I know, for example, that I am both a spiritual "Bigfoot" and a spiritual "Werewolf" and I got that way by following the Heaven path, first. They are CONCEPTS. The spiritual world mirrors the physical world and vice-versa. If something is real in the physical world then there is a mirror image of it in the spiritual world, a polar-opposite with the same characteristics. I also know of several people who are spiritual Werewolves and I know they walked the Earth path first. I'm thinking Earth path Werewolves might not be in the Earth section, but are actually in the Hell section, frequencies below basic Earth path levels. I'm going to quit calling them "Dogmen," that's just confusing everyone, to me they are Werewolves.

There is a sliding scale going on in both directions, up and down, (think moral actions create frequencies like a radio) and even Bigfoot and Werewolves can slide up and down that scale based on their choices over time. Our repeated, habitual choices cause all of this to happen. My repeated, habitual choices caused me to have the characteristics of a Bigfoot and Werewolf. I am what the Bible is referring to as an "elohim." There are levels of Heaven. There are Earth level "elohim" as well, and I think these are actually in the below-Earth/Hell levels. These are part of my personality. I've documented the changes in my own personality for decades now. I know that part is right. I walked the spiritual path towards the Kingdom of Heaven first, which is because I was just following Jesus and that's what he told us to do. Now, I'm busy walking the physical path of the Kingdom of Earth, figuring out God's Design, his Word. They match.

So, based on that, I'm going to amend this short-story of mine. I came back to add this part. There are humans who have evolved into Bigfoot, on a sliding scale, based on their moral choices. There are humans who have evolved into Werewolves, on a sliding scale, based on their moral choices. LIKEWISE there are humans who have devolved into Bigfoot and Werewolves, on a sliding scale, based on their immoral choices. I am confident I have that right. I've witnessed it personally and in others. Think "Physical" and "Spiritual" and think gradients towards "Heaven," and towards "Earth." There are ALSO all KINDS of both physical and spiritual creatures/entities out there that exist. They are all getting mixed together in a big melting pot in everyone's mind. Think "Earth," "Heaven," "Hell," and "Gradients." Think moral/immoral personal choices, repeated habitually. Think the 10 Commandments...our foundation. Jesus' foundation. That's what I believe is going on.

"To Be or Not to Be, that is the Question..."

A little later... "Ah! Think octaves!..."

A picture from deep in my woods, "Angel Creek."

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written December 18, 2023 at 9:02 am


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