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Today is's how

This is word for word what I just wrote to a friend of mine. That's all this particular article/short-story is going to be. My message of 2 minutes ago. Here's the miracle of Pentecost in action...

Angel (in a private message to a girlfriend who loves and obeys God): "Actually we were just now part of a miracle. I woke up and turned to the scripture I just happened to be on today, Genesis 16. HERE I just finished writing that my life began matching the Hebrew Calendar as I pursued God in 1998. I've noticed this for a long time. This week was Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, and I wrote on my page how the essence of the holiday celebrating when God gave the law, Torah, to Moses, was matching the essence of my life DURING the holiday. It always does, for years now. How it happened was I just happened to stumble upon the links I put on my page to a Hebrew scholar talking about ancient Hebrew and how Jesus was the Word. HERE and HERE It's really deep and amazing, the kind of stuff Jerry talks about with the Fibonacci ideas. HERE THAT happened on Shavuot, I rediscovered him, the gift of the Torah, a level I didn't grasp yet. They matched - idea to reality. Well it just happened again with you and me. I woke up to where I was, Genesis 16, made my coffee, and began reading where I had left off yesterday, posted it on my page, and you messaged thank you for the $20. (a gift I sent her ten minutes ago to support the work they do) I said you're welcome, go read my Abram post, you did. THAT was a miracle just now because after that happened I went back to where I was, still studying Genesis 16. To myself I was thinking, well Shavuot ended yesterday. Then I read a post on my own page about it, about the double Sabbath. HERE

Quote: "Shabbat Shalom! We are heading into a very special 48hrs, as we have a double Shabbat, the weekly Shabbat followed by Shavout (Pentacost). For all those celebrating The Great King's Feasts, may your feasts be blessed and may He draw you ever closer to Himself via His Word (Messiah). For all those who do not yet celebrate The Great King's feasts, I would encourage you to look into this subject, as these very special feast days are special set apart times that The Great King has made in order to create special time in space for intimacy with Him.

I had a sneaking suspicion and googled, "Is TODAY Pentecost?" It is. Today is Pentecost. Sunday May 28. It represents the idea of the holy spirit being passed down to the church. It is when we have realized that God actually answers prayers and the spiritual realm exists and begin using it, all of us. You and I do. It's a miracle, a sign, we are the tools being used to teach this to the church, at least in our overlapping worlds. Bless you and keep being brave and blazing a trail. God has noticed."

Here's what I had posted on my page moments before, that I told my friend to go read, and she did: "Today's interest: Abram... HERE Quote: "When high ideals begin to possess the mind (when the Lord, or inner spiritual impulse, begins pressing forth to religious activity), Abram, the lofty one, is father. Faith in the unseen God and in divine guidance becomes part of the consciousness without special effort when man is obedient to Spirit. It may seem blind faith to those who depend upon sense evidence, but it works out beautifully in the lives of those who are true to it. So we discern Abram as a historical type of faith because he acted in faith, following obediently his spiritual inspirations; consequently we conclude that he is a type of faith that may be studied profitably by all persons who aspire to the attainment of the higher life."

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Written May 28, 2023 at 8:32 am on Pentecost


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