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Upside Down Bigfoot & Werewolf Children

I posted pics from "Angel Creek" a few days ago on my Facebook page (my off-grid Ozarks property where I'm finding out I have lots of Cryptids). I asked for any of my Bigfoot friends to mark anything they saw in my pics that was unusual. Here are outlines from a Cryptid group founder who quickly "marked the unusual" for me. Notice what we DIDN'T notice, there are two children next to the big outline. They are hanging upside down from the big one's two hands. The one on the left has a wolf face. The one on the right has a monkey face.

I didn't find these myself. Out of the blue I asked my little 5 year old granddaughter (whom I bought the property for before I knew what was there, and whom now I am gently educating since I gave it to her) if she could see any creatures in the same photo. She pointed out the ones he had circled. Then I showed her a lady's face on the left side that I hadn't seen until just then.

Then my little granddaughter said, there's a little one hanging upside down from the big one's hand (the big one he outlined). "It has a monkey face." Then she looked some more (she herself was being a five year old and had her own head upside down as she looked). "There's another one on the other hand. "It has a wolf face."

OH MY GOODNESS she is RIGHT. I already had confirmed through an Choctaw Medicine Man expert that I had hybrids on my land, both Dogmen and Bigfoot. LOOK, there are two little Bigfoot and Werewolf/Dogmen Cryptid children in my pic. They were seen through a child’s innocent eyes.

“Can we go there, Grandmama? I want to play with them!”

That's what's scary. That's why I have to figure this out.

Copyright 2022 Laileigh & Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written 3 pm December 23, 2022


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