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Werewolf or Bunnies?

I have noticed there are Facebook groups I believe have been created by the government in order to lead people into their narrative and point of view. I believe this is deadly. I've been in those kinds of groups and have learned how to quickly spot them now. I'm not sure yet if one of the groups I am currently in is in this category or not. I'm trying to figure that out. Meanwhile, a new sweet friend with tremendous insight has crossed my path and I do so love it when I find someone who has advanced to the stage of knowledge and insight as she has. But today, she went the kindness route again and I felt I needed to write about our boundaries. So just picture her saying nice things about Bigfoot. That's all you need to picture in order to hear my response.

Angel: "I do see what you are saying and that it is coming from a very kind heart. There are boundaries of kindness. God created black widow spiders, scorpions, cobras, pythons, rattlesnakes, as well as bunnies, baby chickens, faithful dogs, and swans. A rattlesnake is not a swan. A python is not a bunny. There have to be correct boundaries. There are Facebook groups that want to treat every unknown creature as a bunny. There are Facebook groups that want to treat every bunny as a cobra. Bigfoot have caused many bunny stories. BUT there are MANY cobra stories. SO to only see them as a bunny is putting those in danger who believe that point of view and walk into danger. There are too many horror stories about Dogmen, Creepers, and Bigfoot for me to just blindly create a little bunny cage for myself and my family. You have to have the proper boundaries to have the proper insight. I believe as fact some of the horror stories. These things can be cunning, and murderous. So there is a fine line to walk or else our kindness turns the world into a fantasy and sends people out to be harmed. I do love your sweet spirit. LIMITS. I have this man's books and wrote one of my stories about how I believe it was his own spirit created over decades of helping others, putting burdens on his own shoulders that created a frequency that protected him when he recited Psalm 23 in a truly horrifying and dangerous encounter with Bigfoot and Dogmen/I call them Werewolves."

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 31, 2023 at 2:12 pm

This is the video I believe. My story is called, "Eye Witness: Yes, they are in Tennessee & Texas." It was written in response to the encounter in this video.

Here is the short-story I wrote about it: HERE


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