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When I grow up

Angel (to Mark, yesterday): "Kyle has a girlfriend."

Mark: "Oh, WOW, super cool!"

Whatever I do with my energy and life is about 10% of Mark's and my friend, Kyle Saylors. I can hardly bear to go to Kyle’s Facebook page sometimes. He is just so full of life and actions and unbelievable feats of grandeur. When I grow up I want to be like Kyle.

Here we are all together in 2017, the night my actress girlfriend, Gigi Erneta, took me with her to "Dinner for Dreamers" hosted by Kyle Saylors of Saylor Brothers Entertainment and Brenda Golden, former wife of William Lee Golden of "The Oak Ridge Boys." I’m the blonde between Kyle & Brenda, Mark has the Jesus shirt on, Gigi is peeping in from the back.

Mark (to me): I've been SUPER busy. I'll call and catch you up.

When Kyle grows up I think he wants to be like Mark. Just kidding but these guys, unbelievable, and in love with God at the same time. Thank you, Father xo

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Written September 26, 2022


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