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Xanue Bigfoot

Ok, so a new development happened as of yesterday. I posted my photo of the new X cross the Bigfoot built beside my little blue cabin in another Bigfoot group I am in. I asked what it means. Every group seems to have it's own flavor and viewpoint about these creatures. This one had a viewpoint I hadn't heard of yet. Here is the conversation between me and the founder of the group:

Group Administrator: "Well the X is mostly definitely the marker of the Xanue the friendly forest people. My belief is they are the True Forest people / Sasquatch and are the friendly ones. I have encountered 3 clans in my life time and gifted and befriended two of those clans. They're not all friendly but the Xanue are. I’d not be worried, you have the good ones. They are Very intelligent and some say they speak in English I have never heard them say anything but a few words!"

Angel: "Why did they build the X just 10 feet from my cabin? That seems really aggressive to me. I hope you are right. I have hired someone to cut the X down on Monday. I plan to clear 180 feet by 75 feet and turn it into nothing but fenced grass. I don’t feel comfortable with the huge X and their building 2 blinds feet from my front door. I am hoping once I have it cleared around the cabin they will simply get used to it. I hope you are right. Thank you!"

Group Administrator: "I’m no expert and don’t claim to be. They marked their territory! They were there before you were! Don’t be aggressive with them and they will stay friendly. The blind was to hide and watch you! You are new there, this is their home!"

Angel: "Actually it is MY land. I bought it 4 years ago and knew zero about Bigfoot. I live 600 miles from there. I bought it online sight-unseen. It was $500. down and $134. per month for 72 months. I dreamed about Walden and a little cabin in the woods. I sat at home and faithfully paid it off. I gave it to my baby granddaughter because our family has always loved the land and I wanted her to have that part of our heritage. I saw two bent trees in video my real estate man took after I bought it. I googled "Ozarks bent trees." I discovered Indian Marker Trees and that Bigfoot bend trees. I studied religiously for the past 4 years until I suspected they were there. Last May I bought a $6,000. shed/cabin and had it delivered to MY land. It was $500. down and $261. per month. I had paid off the land by last year. Now I began paying off the little cabin. Shortly after I was invited into a Bigfoot group. I had now expanded my knowledge to Dogmen. I had a photo from my real estate man that had a black blob in it. I had suspected it was a Bigfoot. Now I suspected it was a Dogman. I posted it. It was confirmed to be a Dogman. I had bought a DVD by a Choctaw Indian Tracker in Oklahoma. I sent my photo to him. He confirmed it was a Dogman and showed me others in my photo as well as 3 Bigfoot. They are as plain as day once you understand what to look for. They are translucent but obvious. I asked the Tracker who tracks missing and murdered Choctaw people and who is a Medicine Man who tracks Bigfoot to go track my land. He did and he made a 2 hour video and took 230 photos. He showed me their footprints and the 2 blinds they made to hide to see my front door. He showed me gigantic trees they bent in the back and dozens of structures. How can I take my family there, to MY land, without understanding the danger? I can't. My dream is still the same, to have a little cabin in the woods that I paid for faithfully and give the land to my little granddaughter. That dream has been shattered. My idea is to clear around my cabin because I am scared of creatures that are a dozen feet high and building structures to observe me from. They have my entire property, I'm clearing around my cabin. I didn't know about the cross because I don't live there but I hired another person to clear around the cabin this past week and I asked them to go take photos so I could see what I needed to do. They sent me back the photos and the one of the new AGGRESSIVE HUGE X ten feet from my cabin. I already told these creatures through my mind, which I believe they can hear, they could stay if they would protect me. My tracker told me they are Predators and to never speak to them because they can form a psychic bond and follow you all your life if you do. So I don't speak to them. I am however continuing to study this absolutely insane development religiously and still have the hopes that I can both have my own land and understand these creatures enough to be safe and care for their needs as well if they turn out to be like half of the people who study them think, which is an actual people of sorts. That's where I am. This just happened. Your advice is to study the Xanue point of view. I just spent $77. last night to buy two books by Matthew Johnson on the Xanue. I'm learning. But no, this is MY land. I am a theological writer and have been writing about my experiences following God my entire life. For the past 4 years I've been writing about this experience. I now have a dozen short-stories about the Bigfoot on my land. For some reason my father, YHWH, has placed me in this position because he wants me to understand for some insane reason. I am. I'm studying, living, and writing. I appreciate your unique point of view. It may turn out you are 100% right and I would never have discovered this without your advice. So thank you and I appreciate it and I intend to do the absolute best I can for all involved. xo

Here are the books I bought last night about the Xanue:

Here are my short-stories so far:

Group Administrator: "Dr. Matthew Johnson is in our group and he’s awesome, he knows the Xanue as well as anyone! I thought he was Crazy 20 years ago! But he’s Spot on with my research he’s 99% On track! Awesome man glad for you! Where is this cabin ???"

Angel: "It is in north Arkansas in the Ozarks. It is off-grid and near a couple of small towns but still virtually undisturbed for the past few decades. I have found Bigfoot eye-witness accounts going back 50 years walking distance from my land."

Group Administrator: "That’s Cool they have anymore lots for sale??"

Angel: "Yes in the entire area. Not through my realtor because he never knew anything about them and I didn't tell him, he has gone on to other things to do. A man bought the property next to mine a year after me. He lives there off-grid. He knew zero about any of this until I started educating him. He now knows that the glimmering translucent things he sees at night are these creatures. Now 3 more people have bought land on the same road. None of them know anything. My neighbor is a recluse and he's not social. So no one knows about this. But he tells me that atv's are ridden out there and that trees have been knocked down to block one of the smaller roads close to our small road. I know that is the Bigfoot, I've watched and studied religiously and found stories they do that."

Group Administrator: "I can assure you I’m no Expert have had many experiences with the Forest People and the Bigfoot! You have the Xanue."

Angel: "Ok, I see Dr. Johnson went to a Christian university, as did I. I have a Master of Divinity and spent 15,000 hours over a decade RE-translating the entire Bible from the ancient languages of Hebrew and Greek. The original scriptures are very very different from our English Bible translations. God has led me down this path to the point that I now understand what the entire Bible is actually saying and it is equally insanely amazing as is this new development. From what I've read so far my ideas and studies are lining up with Dr. Johnson's. That's probably what this is all about. Thank you!"

Angel: "And you don't need to buy a lot. We have mine. I'm setting it up so that experts like you can go stay on my land and in my cabin for visits if they want to help me understand and research. I named my land, "Angel Creek" and the photos are on my website. You are welcome to go see what ever is there."

Group Administrator: "That’s very kind of you but I have lots of areas here in Tennessee and Virginia. I don’t research as much as I once did since 12/21 since the Bigfoot terrorized my farm and my horses and beat on my house at 3:00 am for nearly 2 months. Killed all my cats and destroyed some of my property."

Angel: "I've started searching for your stories on You Tube and found some last night. If you have one you like the most I'd love for you to direct me to it. I have a book series called, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series" I began writing in 1985 and finished in 2009. Now I'm writing 2009 to 2022 stories. Chapelgate is known as Evins Mill in Smithville, Tennessee, an hour east of Nashville. I owned 39.5 acres there, a Lodge, an old Grist Mill and waterfalls there and write about it and my adventures with God. I live in Texas and was born in Texas but I was raised in Lewisburg, Tennessee. I've been wondering lately if Bigfoot was in Tennessee and now I've found your experiences. Thank you!"

Group Administrator: "Yes I’ve been on many podcasts. I have one tonight, 2 tomorrow night. I will stay in touch, you do the same. I know that part of Tennessee that’s awesome. Send me all your info on your books thanks a lot!"

Angel: "That's awesome! Yes, I'll listen and stay in touch, thank you for your help and group!"

A bit later one of the other members and one of the group Moderators and I had a chat in the same thread:

Other Group Member (I keep up with this particular man, he goes out weekly in the Ocala National Forest in Florida and takes photos of Bigfoot structures.) "The X is the border between their land and yours."

Angel: "I think you are closest. The problem is they are not just claiming MY land which extends 2 football fields behind my blue cabin, they’ve placed the X slanted towards my cabin and in front of it. So if we are right about that, because I tend to agree with you, then they are claiming where my cabin is as well. I’ve been hiring local people to do a bit of clearing around my cabin. The part I am confused about is what are the 40 or more entities all around my X cross?" (No one ever answered that particular question but it may be in the books I just bought, shown here.)

One of the Group Moderators joins in to the discussion: "Here in the Ozarks they are pretty thick. Matter of fact I gotta go check on my gifting spot here pretty soon." (I had read some of his posts the day before and was hoping he'd notice this thread and respond. He did.)

Angel to Moderator: "I hired a lady to clear the brush and trees from around my cabin. She is the one who sent me the X cross that is 10 feet from my cabin. I told her to cut it down and stack the wood neatly tomorrow. Tomorrow is Halloween. She knows nothing, as far as I know, about these creatures. I'm still figuring out what they are myself. How do you think they will react?"

Moderator: "When did they put that up? Do you have a time frame?"

Angel: "I have a complete time frame even though I live 600 miles away. It is brand new. I bought the property 4 years ago. I've rarely visited. I spent the last 4 years going from zero knowledge about Bigfoot until being here now. In May I bought my cabin and had it delivered. In August I suspected enough to hire a Bigfoot Choctaw Medicine Man tracker to drive from Oklahoma to my place in Northeast Arkansas to track my land. He documented all the structures, made a 2 hour video report of actually tracking it, took 230 photos and could hear them moving back as he advanced. I can hear them in his video, they sound distressed they've been discovered. This past month I had two separate men go weedeat/clear around my cabin. Each sent me photos. The cross was not there. This week I hired a lady to chainsaw around my cabin and clear it. She sent me the X photo. So it is less than two weeks old."

Moderator: "So they put the structure up after he researched for you?"

Angel: "Yes and they know that he was tracking them. But they didn't put it up until I began weedeating and clearing between my cabin and the road frontage 180 ft frontage, 50 feet deep. Barely any work done yet, 3 hours each guy a week apart. Two weeks after, they did that. My land goes back 2 football fields, they are mostly in the back but my tracker says they hunt there and cross my road."

Moderator: "Yes, they definitely knew that he was tracking them. There's no doubt about that. They don't like that at all regardless if they are a nice family or not. Most of families here don't mess with you. You ignore them they will normally ignore you. They might be nosy sometimes but it's the juveniles that usually do that. The only thing that concerns me is they just put it up in the last 2 weeks. Is there gonna be anyone staying there quite a bit or just every once in a while?"

Angel: "No, no one lives there, it is a very remote area. However, I now have off-grid neighbors who have bought land out there after I did. I only know one of them, they guy next door, who is a recluse and watches my place for me. I've explained everything to him. He knew zero before I told him. He had been seeing them at night though, he just didn't know what he was seeing, they were cloaked. My tracker says that once I clear the front of my property, like I told him I was going to do, it will close off one of the easy routes they have, going across the road at my property, while hunting. He says interactions with the neighbors will increase. I just don't know if they have the ability to mind track me to another state and appear here. I don't want interactions with them. I told them they could stay if they protected me but then my tracker told me to never talk to them so I haven't. He said they form psychic bonds if you talk to them that last a lifetime.

Moderator: "Everybody has their own opinion obviously. & I'm also only giving you my opinion. nobody is an expert & that's a fact. One way usually that will keep them away are cameras. Me & the wife talk to them all the time. It's never had any effects on us. That's one of the fun things for us is the interaction. 1st pray to our Father & let Him take care of it. It's His land anyway. I would definitely do that before anything else. The Lord will tell you what to do. But in their mind it's their land if you know what I mean. Sounds like they are kinda getting boxed in a bit. Couple more options if not. Yes I know I'm asking a lot of questions but they are important ones. Also which way is the water source. There is one. They have to have water."

Angel: "A dry creek runs the length of the property. There's a muddy puddle always in the dirt road in front of my cabin. I suspect it is a small spring going into the dry creek. My tracker said there's a creek in the back with small amounts of water in it.

Oh and they aren't boxed in. My tracker observed their structures the entire 7 mile dirt road that I drew a map for him to reach my land. They are all over the area for miles.

Here's the original photo that got me started down this path. See the black blob on the far left, middle. You don't see anything in this photo unless you know what to look for. After I started learning I began to suspect that black blob was a Bigfoot standing in a ditch, just his head and shoulders. This is the same day the real estate man went out there and took photos and made the video I have that I saw before I bought my land. They must have all come out to see what was going on. Because my tracker said that is a short snout Dogman hybrid. He then showed me how to see the Bigfoot. There is a Bigfoot standing on the far right in front of a tree. He is full bodied and cloaked. If you enlarge the photo and know they can become translucent then you can also see there is a Bigfoot standing on each side of the one that is the easiest to see. My tracker said hybrids hunt together. He said there are several more in this photo but I never saw them, maybe someone can point them out to me."

Here's what I think is a spring in my dirt road. My cabin is right beside this on the right.

Moderator: "The one on the left I would say that is probably a Bigfoot. From what I can from this phone I'm using ,the size of the head matches matches the size of the shoulders. Matter of fact there could be a little one on its back but can't really tell. The next bigger tree to the right in the back the way he is facing there is a smaller juvenile that's cloaking. Then that biggest tree all the way to the right there is another one cloaking that is quite large. Looks like it might be a female but too hard to tell. But I can see that it looks an outline of a head & can see arms away from the body. So this is probably one too. Don't forget to look up in the same tree. The little ones love to climb believe me do they ever. That's what I see in this one. This was off the 1st pic anyway."

Angel: "That's perfectly awesome! Thank you!"

Moderator: "Alright 2nd pic. I'm just looking for water on the this one. This is not near enough water for a family. There still has to be enough water to support a family though. Up here in the hills & mountains of Arkansas there are farmers that has built small lakes for their livestock. A lot of what they eat needs water as well. I'm not saying that they eat meat all the time by any means. They eat other things as well."

Angel: " I have personally not explored 90% of my land. I stopped to figure out about Bigfoot and when I suspected they were there I had the tracker take videos and photos for me to be able to safely see it. That was in August. I think it would be really cool if there was a cave with water back there."

Moderator: "There very well could be. That's a fact. By the way kinda off the subject. Is that your dog on the right side of the road in the pic ?"

Angel: "No I don’t have any pets. I know they don’t like dogs. That is my neighbor’s dog. He bought his land a year after me and built his own off-grid cabin and lives there. He keeps an eye on my land. He knew zero about Bigfoot. I taught him and he has seen them. He is a recluse and never goes looking for them."

Moderator: "I've helped quite a few people in similar situations before. They have all worked out far as I know. I've talked with them since. Your situation is a little different than theirs as there are certain circumstances that are different. Every family is different. Alot of people don't know each one of them has totally different personalities. Just let me know when you're ready & I'll tell you what I think. I do know they are a friendly family though. Let me know if you want to hear what I think. I think I know what happened. I really do & this could be resolved."

Angel: "Yes absolutely! You are even welcome to go visit my land if you want to."

Moderator: "Ok, here comes a couple more questions. Sorry. How old & what type of guys were the guys you hired to do the yard work?"

Angel: "Local High School kid did 3 hours weedeating. He went there on his atv (they hate). Local married 30 year old with kids & a handyman business did 3 hours weedeating. The lady tomorrow does chainsaw work and is a single mom with a 10 year old girl."

Moderator: "Have you told anyone that's worked on your yard about what's going on? & I'm quite sure they are local aren't they? (The ones that worked on your place)"

Angel: "I told the first 2 and one said fine, he has a gun but cancelled later for health reasons. The other said fine he didn’t care cause he needed money. He took my money and didn’t show. I paid first to show my honesty (cause I’m using Cash App and people are wary of scams.) So that’s 2 I told and they no showed.

The next one was the 30 year old. He did a good job. I told him first and he said his son has been telling him one watches him through his window at home but he didn’t believe him.

Next was the High School kid, I told him first and he did it but was scared. He said he’d seen one before. I paid him for a 2nd time and he kept my money and no showed. The 30 year old moved away.

I’m now on the lady who does chainsaw work who already cancelled last week but had told me not to pay her till after the work. She had a pic of a lot she cleared. She took her daughter to work with her. She is supposed to work tomorrow. I’m 50/50 on whether to tell her or not. She might not show because she cancelled last week. She has a child. They are female. She lives a couple of miles or less from my land. She didn’t recognize the X was from a Bigfoot but she is a local from the area. Bigfoot can read intentions so I think she is safer not knowing. But I’m worried. I also don’t want to stir up the locals too much."

Moderator: "This doesn't sound like a really good family to me. The problem is the workers. They had fear, but the worst part is they went out with bad intentions. & I bet you the 30 year old went out packing. No telling what else they did when they were there. But with everything else going on around there they are probably a little uneasy right now. They like to live without interruptions unless they want to get to know you which is an amazing thing. That means they feel comfortable with you. You also gotta realize that they have their babies in the fall here. At least our family does. By the way the crow flies we're pretty close to each other. They could have had a little one recently. They obviously get real defensive at that time. Not attacking you or anything just want their family time. The great thing is when they get to know you, you couldn't find a better protector of you & your land in the world besides the Lord Jesus obviously. Would you be willing to come to a truce with them? This way I think you could finish your yard safely & remove the x beside your cabin. That was the main reason why I was concerned anyway. Even the nicest Bigfoot family can get pissed off after a time. They are pretty much just like us except smarter they live in the woods. Anyway that's strictly my opinion. I know others would obviously disagree but others would probably agree. But are you willing to do a truce. It does involve something you really don't want to do but it would be harmless. By the way they understand English believe it or not. Plus they can read you anyway as you already know."

Angel: "I told them in my mind if they protected me they could all stay if they were good beings. My own mind prays to God my Father as much as I breathe. So after my Tracker warned me not to talk to them because they are Predators and it will cause a psychic link between me and them and they can follow me for life, I stopped. I felt nudged to mind speak with them a couple of nights ago. I prayed to God my father YHWH Yahweh instead. I told him I did not want to talk to them. I asked him to tell them that if they wanted to talk to me they could tell him instead. Then HE could tell me whatever HE wanted me to know. The truce is already created by me for their benefit regardless. I don’t and won’t allow hunting. I already said they can stay IF they are good beings based on my Father God’s judgement. If they aren’t then no truce will let them stay. God is going to do whatever he wants. He’s in charge. I didn’t seek this situation or knowledge out. He brought it to me. I already know partially why. I have been figuring out how his Word is designed in nature. These creatures are being used by him to teach me parts of the design I’ve been studying. I have to be free to write. I write whatever he shows me. So the truce is already in place. How you can help me is by what you have already done. Thank you. I now have knowledge of a different viewpoint. If you want to help more you can go there and see what they are yourself. I’m going to clear my land around my cabin. I’m going to hope they simply get used to it. What you said about the intentions of the workers is probably 100% smack dead on target. You already solved the problem. Thank you! You are wonderful!"

Moderator: "Great decision. That's also what I said earlier as well. We are Children of the Lord as well. We always go to Him 1st. He is the only one we can count on in this old corrupt world."

Angel: "100% and just know that you just made a HUGE difference in other’s lives. Thank you for listening, thinking, and sharing your knowledge and insights. xo"

Moderator: "You're more than welcome!"

Later… I find this:


Monday morning, Halloween day, October 31, 2022 message to the lady I hired to clear the land around my cabin:

Angel: “Hi, today is Monday. Are you planning to go work on my land? I need to make you aware that I believe there are Bigfoot and creatures of that sort on my land. I believe they put those 2 crossed trees by my shed as a territory marker. You need to at least be aware that I think so even if you don't think so yourself so you can make your own educated choice of whether or not to work for me. Let me know. If you decide to go chainsaw/clear then as soon as you get there send me photos/video and when you leave. Best Wishes.”

And then I go back to what I was doing… watching over my little granddaughter and reading my current book, “Return of the Gods,” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

I have chosen, once again, as I did with Chapelgate, to sacrifice. I've been the watcher on the wall the Rabbi talks about. I've done my best to figure everything out. I've chosen love and protecting others over my own interests. Now God will act.

"I'm hungry, Grandma," my little one beside me says.

"Just one second, here let me have my phone, I need to add this to the end of my short-story..." I edit and add what you have just read, the ending. There, done. Real fast I go check my messages and this thread. There's a new comment, added by the man I told you goes out into the Florida forests and finds these creatures structures."

Other Group Member: "Some of the markers give off an energy field and attract them."

Angel: "Thank you! I put you in my story I just finished writing 5 minutes ago because I highly respect your opinion. I didn’t use your name, just your advice, for privacy. Thank you!"

I notice the date, Halloween Day.

I go check the thread one last time. There's a new comment...

Group Member: "Are you sure the tree just didn't fall? Check the base of the tree."

Angel: "Positive and thoroughly documented by before and after photos and inspections. I'm a trained world-class Documentation Specialist. I documented the first real-time computer monitoring system for the drilling of multiple oil wells in history. My late husband invented it and trained me. I documented 7,000 pages of his computer software code. It saved the oil companies $100 million per year for many years and became the foundational technology for the industry."

My story is HERE “Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir" by Angel Isaacs

Later…(after my lady with a chainsaw said she believed in them too but needed the money)

Well, for better or worse, I made my decision. I'm taking back my cabin area. These things scare me. I'm letting them stay on my land, I already told them, IF they are good creatures in the eyes and judgment of my Father, God. I told them that if they want to talk to me they have to tell God and he will tell me what he wants me to know. My tracker says they are predators. Personally, based on my ancient Hebrew studies, I believe they are at both ends of the spectrum, good and evil, that there are parallel mirror image versions of them. The good ones will understand me. The evil ones lie in wait for decades, very patient, lure you in with little treats like leaving footprints for you, or making you feel special and then set you up for a glorious kill. It is their nature. Like I said, I believe there are good ones too but I'd bet they are more rare. I took down their cross today.

This guy happily followed Bigfoot for 6 years on his channel, "The Trail to Bigfoot," and now he is a shivering PTSD mess. He says there are "Masters" lurking behind Bigfoot that are pure evil. He says they mind raped him and let him in on their way of looking at things. I believe him.

You NEED to go watch this:

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Written October 30, 2022 at 9:32 am

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