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Dimension travel & the Kingdom of the heavens

Wow. The sweet results of studying God's Word and putting it into action. Mark just sent me the coolest photo, Gabe just sent me the coolest major band tour, Gigi just said, "OH, OH, We have to talk, I have the best insight into the Jubilee and how it fits Mark's new movie, The Jesus Revolution, and when I woke up at 7:30 am because my little baby granddaughter wanted to play I said, "I'm tired and can't go back to sleep." So she said, "I know what to do!" and softly in the sweetest voice on earth she sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to me and patted me on the head. God is delightful. I'm figuring out this morning we get a new body. While we are alive. This is what the good Bigfoot creatures I've studied, who can go in and out of dimensions, know. They have their new body. We get a new body. The holy Temple is inside us. Once we start figuring out how that works by constantly judging everything around us to put it into accordance with God's holy Word, we reach a point where we can go in and out of dimensions. Galilee is a circuit. We make our choices in our life based on choosing God's way. We go in and out of districts, territory, that God has given us. Therefore, all the cool stories and photos I put on my page to show you what I mean, last night. Therefore, my polar opposite "love your enemy" Jesus said, best friend sending me his world tour announcement, therefore a Hall of Famer sending me personal photos of friends of his whom I also met at his workshops, who direct and star in the biggest feature films in the world, therefore, my gorgeous best girl friend, telling me she can't wait to discuss what she figured out about a world heritage film my other best friend was part of and how it fits into the Jubilee. God is good. His world is magic. That's what I show you. xoxo PS scroll down my page and I'll put the commercial our friend's wife was in, whom Mark just sent me his personal photo of. She and her husband, who were in the movie Terminator, were having dinner with the director of Terminator. You can't believe this world, the dimensions God gives us to play with, the sweetness, the fun, the wonder. Just scroll my page and listen to my stories. I tell you how to get there. This is the Kingdom of the heavens Jesus walked in. We can too. It's cool...

PS "Laileigh, just let Grandmama wake up. You know I have my cup of coffee and study my ancient Hebrew Bible every morning when I wake up." Then I take my morning coffee over to my big white lovely massage chair, sit down and start reading my life story, wherever I was at the day before. Today is is Matthew 19 and Jesus' teaching about Divorce. You need to study and OBEY the Bible's teachings. It's way way deeper than anyone knows about. This morning I study what happened to me in my life yesterday, how I divorced a world God had me walking in for a moment. Be faithful to God YHWH. He teaches you, plays with you, the scriptures will match your life, and unbelievable things happen with your morning coffee.

Here's the lady in this morning's photo that Mark sent me.

PS as I was finishing this story one of my other friends punched me in the face. I had posted my story about how Werewolves have both a good extreme and a bad extreme version on his Facebook page. A notice punched me in the face just at that instant. "Your story has been removed from such and such Facebook group." Wow. I thought he was my friend. Friends don't punch each other in the face. So immediately I reacted. I went to delete his group from my friends. At the same moment I received a message from him, "Good morning, Angel..." but before he could type I typed, "I saw you removed my story. I removed YOU." Then I finished leaving his group and blocking him from further contact with me. Severe? Yes. He hurt me. But he was punching God. The same thing had happened the day before in another group, a lady had punched me hard in the face. She was punching God. My man friend who runs the group ALLOWED her to punch me in the face. I divorced them. Divorce. You pick your path. The kingdom of heaven has rules. This is why we learn to judge. What someone "binds on earth" becomes "bound in the heavens." They can punch you in the face on earth and allow you to BE punched in the face because they are punching God. But God just puts you in another dimension and closes the door to the earth realm. The Kingdom of Heaven. Ouch. They punched themselves. They divorced God. He shuts the door to the dimension you are in when they do. It's really painful to be divorced. But it is SO worth it. The ONLY reason, our Bible says, for DIVORCE is when your partner divorces God. Under that circumstance and only that circumstance God allows divorce. xo Angel

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Written March 10, 2023 at 9:20 am


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