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God & Bigfoot live in Terry's House Part 1

Yesterday, well, late last night into the wee hours I was busy texting with a new Bigfoot friend of mine. I found him on one of my Facebook group private pages. I had posted a picture of a Bigfoot, obvious as daylight, that had managed to insert itself into one of my pictures. I had been taking a picture of a friend of mine who owns a ranch just outside Austin, Texas. He was standing beside his father, and a Texas friend. He was in the process of being documented by a young guy who was there for the day. So, since I have been documenting this Texan guy and his adventures, myself, I stood quietly to the side and took photos and videos. I do that. I now have dozens of folders on my computer of this Texas guy, starting in 2014. I create short-stories out of it. With the video I've made many episodes for my Austin, Texas Public Television series, "Texas Tales from a Lone Star."

I didn't even notice I had taken a photo of Bigfoot. I took dozens of photos and videos of this special day, at his Texas ranch. For whatever reason, (God), I stumbled across the photo. This time I noticed something way, way back by the chicken house, in that photo of the Texas guys and the guy making the documentary. It was a Bigfoot.

I knew it was a Bigfoot. I've been studying the subject for 4 years now. I bought land in the Ozarks, sight-unseen, over the internet, 4 years ago. I've been there a handful of times now. Pretty quickly after buying it I started going from zero knowledge of Bigfoot to my last short-story about how they use Biblical Hebrew cubits to measure. My world has evolved. My understanding has evolved. I've captured every moment with my stories.

This is the hard spot. This is partially WHY people don't talk about Bigfoot. It interferes with life. I haven't told you my Texas friend's name because I don't want to interfere with his life. Regardless, that's what happened and that's how I met Terry. I posted the photo in one of my Facebook Bigfoot groups and asked people to tell me if they thought this was a Bigfoot or not. The guy who founded the group said, "yes." The lady who helps him run his group said, "yes." Another friend of mine who also founded a Bigfoot group on Facebook said, "HOW did you manage to GET such a GREAT picture of Bigfoot?" I said it was quite by accident. I told him I took the picture last Easter. I said I had just noticed the Bigfoot by the chicken house today (now, this week). He said, "That was no accident. That Bigfoot POSED for that picture." Then a few hours later he amended it. He said, "It might not be what you think it is." Then a bit later he said, "It's a shapeshifter posing as a Bigfoot mom with babies. It wants you to THINK it's a Bigfoot. He then circled a UFO behind the Bigfoot. Like Terry keeps exclaiming as he sends me picture after picture of the Bigfoot mom and child that LIVE in his house, "You can't fake this. You can't make this up."

So NOW with my 4 years of figuring out the Bigfoot world and going from zero knowledge to asking the two people in the United States that I consider to be the top Bigfoot experts out there to track my land I said, "Are you sure that UFO isn't a portal?" Go back through my short-stories. You will find Jerry Williams and Lead Tracker E. They drove from Oklahoma to Northeast Arkansas Ozarks last August, on my request. They documented my land, "Angel Creek." They took photos and videos for me of my land. They documented all the structures there that Bigfoot make. They documented a footprint.

Then after they tracked my land and gave me their report I started hiring local people to clear my land. Jerry and Ella had told me that yes, Bigfoot were on my land, and that as a matter of fact the Bigfoot had built two blinds. The blinds were located on each side of my cabin so they could hide and watch my cabin door. I had bought my blue shed/cabin in May of last year, 2022. Jerry and Tracker E tracked my land for me in August, 2022. After they made the report I hired local people to start clearing my land. We cut down the blinds and all the trees/brush near my cabin. The next month the X cross had been placed beside my cabin. I didn't know what it meant. I asked and asked. I got two different responses from all my various groups: "Welcome!" and "Stay Away!" A lot of help that was. I chose "Stay Away!" I had it cut down.

Here is the photo of the Bigfoot by the chicken house I told you about at the beginning of my story. Look in the very back of the photo, on the left, in front of the building:

I posted these photos in my private Bigfoot groups. I had 3 YES votes from the best of the best when I asked if they thought this was a Bigfoot in my photo. Then one qualified it later with, No, it is a shapeshifter. I kept posting. I said, "It has a clear human face, hippy hair, fur body, and it looks about 6 feet tall. That MATCHES the footprint photographed by Jerry and Lead Tracker E on my OZARK'S land. This photo is in Texas. The ONLY thing that the Arkansas and the Texas places have in common is ME. I've been both places. This is the SAME Bigfoot the lady clearing my Ozarks land captured in a video LAST WEEK. This photo by the Texas chicken house was taken months ago, Easter. This is June. So when my friend, Chris, who founded one of the groups and who said, "No, it is a shapeshifter," sent me the UFO circled in this same pic I said, "Are you SURE that's not a Portal, instead?" That would explain, to me, how it got from Arkansas to Texas. Every one of us seem to have bits and pieces of this puzzle. No one seems to have the whole puzzle. We just keep trying to make the pieces fit with what we know.

So, that's how I met Terry. Terry is in one of the Bigfoot groups that I posted this picture of the Bigfoot? by the Texas chicken house in, asking for advice and opinions. The guy who founded that particular page has written two Bigfoot books that I've bought previously and read. HE has them in his yard. HE looked at my picture and said, "Yes." So did Terry. But Terry seemed to know something, I could sense it. So I wrote him. That opened up a floodgate.

Let me digress. Just before I met Terry, the short-story right before actually, is called, "Not My War." You can read it on my website. HERE In THAT short-story I said that I never asked to have Bigfoot in my life and that I was not happy they were on my land. I pretty much washed my hands of the entire subject. I said, it wasn't my war. In that short-story I go on to describe how I watched a video made by one of Jerry and Tracker E's friends and fellow trackers Jerry trains. They have Bigfoot on their Tennessee farm. We call him Tennessee Kentucky Bigfoot, the name he uses in public. In my "Not My War" short-story I say that I washed my hands of the subject UNTIL I saw the first 15 minutes of HIS video a few days ago. HE invited a lady, Janice Carter, to come walk around his Tennessee land and they made a video of her doing so. SHE grew up in Tennessee with a Bigfoot family living on her family farm. She interacted with them from childhood. The links are in that short-story. SHE went to "Tennessee's" farm (I shorten it to that) and she explained a long branch to him, the meaning (read that story, link already given). She said, casually, that Bigfoot use ancient Biblical Hebrew "cubits" as their form of measurement. I write that it was at THAT point, I decided it WAS my war. I said it is my war because now they are in MY territory. That's what I do, that's my passion: ancient Biblical Hebrew. So, I wrote, "Not My War."

In my short-story, "Not My War," I put every link to every cautionary video I have garnered from the past 4 years that describes how dangerous Bigfoot is (and Dogman, see the story). HERE They ARE dangerous. But because Janice Carter said they use ancient Biblical Hebrew as their method of measurement I now had NEW insight. I had suspected, all along, that there are ALSO parallel, GOOD Bigfoot. That's the point where Terry enters my story. Good Bigfoot live in Terry's house. They interact with his 3 year old gorgeous son. His son calls them by name. There's a mom Bigfoot and a baby Bigfoot. Terry's son calls the baby by its name, "Alfalfa." What in the world???!!! What in the world.

I was terrified for Terry's son because I KNOW because of Jerry and Lead Tracker E that Bigfoot steal children. Read that same article. There are links to show how the Choctaw Indians went to war with the Bigfoot in Oklahoma, (Jerry is an Oklahoma Choctaw Medicine Man/Healer/Bigfoot tracker). They went to war with them because the Bigfoot were stealing their children. Terry said his little boy calls the one in their house (in Colorado) "Alfalfa." They play together, sort-of. Terry has photos and video of the Bigfoot mom and baby IN his house.

Terry, also, is like me. He called us "twins." We both love God passionately and serve him. So we connected. I am now going to show you word by word what Terry and I said to each other from "Hello," until my writing of this story, today, the same 24 hour period. Terry said I could tell his story and use his pictures. You are now going to get to see GOOD Bigfoot. I'm going to just go back to our Facebook Messenger texted conversation from just last night until just a little while earlier today and cut and paste it here. Word for word. Picture by picture. Get ready to enter the Twilight Zone. Come see. "God and Bigfoot Live in Terry's House." HERE

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written June 5, 2023 at 3:58 pm


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