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God & Bigfoot live in Terry's House Part 2

You must read Part 1 HERE. You must read, "Not My War" HERE Then read this. This is word by word, photo by photo, my texted conversation with my new friend, Terry. We met in a Bigfoot group. This conversation occured June 4-5 2023:

Terry: "Hey Fellow Cryptid Sister! How You doing today?

Angel: "Good, I watched the mom BF video you posted. It was amazing. Just looked at shadow photo, awesome job, you got it!"

Terry: "This is the house next to me. Pleased to meet you."

Angel: "You too."

Terry: "I'm Terry Gallegos. I'm in Southwest Colorado, had my first encounter at age 10."

Angel: "You have them right there with you. I'm in Texas, bought land in Arkansas and they are there."

Terry: "Sister they are everywhere. In every place and continent of the world."

Angel: "I keep trying to figure out whether they are good or evil. My friends say don’t let them cross your threshold and to cleanse your house. But I’ve heard stories the other way too." I send him the link to the short-story I had just written, "Not My War." HERE

Angel: "Just wrote that. I’ll catch up later, was about to head out. Thank you!!!"

Terry: "Looking so very forward to sharing with you!" Angel: "Me too, thank you and glad to meet someone with first hand experience!" Terry: "Like I say it's a new science and we are all learning and many of us are past Existence! You are so very Welcome!" (He's referring to the baby level question of whether or not Bigfoot exists. The answer is yes.)

Angel: "Way past!" I had just sent him the link to the short-story I had just written, "Not My War." HERE "Read my final paragraph, my conclusion. I didn’t realize I was responding to you in Squatchland2. They are totally "Bigfoot are good." But you need all the info. Hadn’t read it all before I responded. I’ll probably get kicked out. So read and watch every bit of what I put in my article. xo" (I am VERY worried about the Bigfoot hurting his family and child.) Sun 10:15 AM Terry: "Ok I'm just checking my notifications and waking up. Trying to move up to speed. I haven't got to read your article. In the group generally the only thing people get kicked out for is trolling or negativity! You have a right to your research and opinion we are all learning here and l love your attitude!" Sun 11:32 AM Angel: "I am just as surprised as you to be in this situation with having Bigfoot. I’ve studied it SO hard! Bless you! Sun 11:49 AM Terry: "Example of Cloaking Morphing"

Terry: "I have only caught flak from one person on the Baby Bigfoot face. I try and use discretion But he insisted it was a dog! Many are not even ready to acknowledge existence much less strange things like this. Zoom in on Jr's Head please." Angel: " I will, I love your knowledge and need it. You just keep catching me when I’m babysitting. I’ll give it my full attention later thank you! I see it perfectly."

Sun 2:15 PM Terry: "I have a 2 year old. As my Australia buddies say, "no worries mate, at your convenience," so looking forward to sharing with you sweetie."

Sun 7:44 PM Angel: "Just looked again, is it IN your son’s black hair!???"

Terry: "Yes, I know that it's not a dog, this is morphing."

Angel: "Is that your 2 year old son standing between your legs? Is that a morphing Bigfoot baby in the back of his hair?"

Terry: "I'm taking the photo. It's his uncle. He's my 2 year old!"

Angel: "WOW! The guy who looks at my photos for me a lot (Chris) circled several places on a friend’s body. He also circles them in the dirt, on tree trunks, and walls. This is so strange. What exactly do you mean by morphing? Try to be exact. I study Biblical Hebrew and it morphs. Might be a connection. It is not a dog, I agree."

Terry: "Morphing is the Celestial Beings' ability to be on something anime or inanimate without the host even knowing it. The pixelization on our phones is much better than our eyes and our phones are able to capture that. We would have the same abilities as they but man sinned against God in the garden. We lost our Celestial or godly attributes to other dimensions. I have a degree in Christian education theology music and fire science."

Angel: "Very very interesting and exactly like my interests, I have an MA and MDiv. That’s good! We can figure out deeper, true stuff than normal folks. Does it work the same for both good/evil celestial beings?"

Terry: "Demons are principalities of the air. They're unable to procreate by bearing children and they are also unable to make a footprint. The Sobre have been here since the fall of Man they're often referred to as the Watchers and basically that's all they do. The ones in my clan I had traced back to the oldest photo that I have and it's my mom and dad's wedding photo and these beings are in their photo 1967. They have protected me from the Nephilim and they protected my family! I was a minister, ordained minister, of the Assembly of God at age 12 and cast out demons at age 13. I know my dominion over the power of the things of this world."

Angel: "I love this, thank you!" I hear ideas in his information that conflict with my mentor's ideas. I hear ideas that conflict with my own. But I mostly hear passionate truth as he knows it.

Terry: "I am also chosen. I'm a project product of a fertility drug and the natives would call me to spirits because I was born hermaphrodite. I believe my ancestors are either the Anasazi or the Anunnaki. I am a shadow keeper and a shadow caster as well as a medicine man and quite possibly a hybrid."

Angel: "Oh that is so cool! I’m not familiar with what a shadow keeper/caster is. My late husband felt he was a mutant." Robin had one of the highest IQ's of anyone who has ever walked on our planet. He also had muscles normal people don't have. He thought particular sunrays had shone on his mother's womb while he was inside and had caused it.

Terry: "When I found that I was chosen... my entire life I knew I was different and felt out of place like I didn't fit in anywhere. I struggled with academics until I got to college but as a small child I found my faith in God when I wrecked my horse and my face was severely damaged. My dad told me to go to my grandma and have her pray for me because he was going to continue working, literally pick my horse up off the ground... when I got to Grandma she wasn't home because she was next door canning peaches. When I looked in the mirror I was about to have an anxiety attack but a voice from above said, "what would grandma do?" That's when I said the most beautiful Spanish Latin prayer - just like Grandma and I am not fluent in Spanish or Latin. My face - right in front of the mirror - healed miraculously, right in front of my eyes. That's when I knew I had the gift of healing. It wasn't until recently that I found out my purpose. So, when I found out I was chosen I told myself I need spiritual advisors. I googled "chosen people need spiritual advisors" and there's a list of them, you can pick off of a list on Google."

Terry: He sends me a video of a lady who has tiny orbs all over her room, like snowflakes. He has captured one of them with a screen shot and sends it to me. "Technology. I was able to capture the first orb at 29 seconds this is what they look like. It's Incredible."

Angel: "Ok well there’s so many interesting things you’ve said… watched video. First of all I do believe everything you’ve said. It is a clue that you were chosen and interacted with as a small child."

Terry: "These orbs are beings to me, I feel, and it depends on the color of orbs. I'm not a expert on orbs or anything but I do believe that they are friends and family who are in Abraham's bosom and who are in limbo waiting for the judgment seat of God."

Angel: "It reminds me of Samuel. Ok, going to go catch up..."

Terry: "Awesome! I will give you some processing time. I know it's a lot, but I couldn't be more confident in knowing that God put us together for a purpose and a reason. Take your time dear I appreciate you so much and your open-mindedness. That is half of the battle right there."

Angel: "Yes I feel like God connected us because I can already tell you have info I need in order to grasp what is going on in my world."

Angel: "I just bought and read "The Orb Project."

Terry: "So awesome how God works! He is my purpose of life and to Serve His Creation Without Judgment or Ridicule!"

Angel: "Me too, and yes, I can tell."

Terry sends me a screenshot:

Terry: "The information age! At your convenience look up "50 ways to know you were chosen." That might explain a lot of things to you to help me a lot.

Angel: I find the article and send him back a screenshot so he knows I read it... ok, the higher vibration of chosen ones matches with Bigfoot… What strikes me is we are both fundamental Christians with the higher insight. That's very rare …reading…yes suffering develops it as does sacrifice…other’s first… fits perfectly."

Terry: "My Calling is to love God and His Creation as myself and glorify good in the Creation by example, and to serve. To expose every form of wickedness and evil by any means necessary for the greater good of God's Creation. To give, even if it's all you have, because no one can out give the giver. I've lacked nothing in my life ever and I know God loves me. I know my authority over the evil things. God is powerful. There and are so many things that exist in this world that people don't even have a clue about. I will share with you dragons, giants, Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, and Wendigo. I have examples in live video of all of them. I'll tell you what - if they are not ready for Bigfoot, nobody's going to be ready for dragons, and giants! I can already see your intelligence. I'm empathic and I have twice the gifts of a normal person, the lion's share. When I give all that I am and help with healing and pour on my spirit till there's none left to pour out, God restores my soul and brings my spirit back full to overflowing."

Angel: "That's amazing, ok, I've read the entire article and yes, that's you. It's also me. Bless you!"

Terry: "Well It it would be my honor if you and I could share our spiritual advisors advice together, lift each other up when we're down. I have more than one spiritual advisor but you are God's blessing to me and thank you!"

Angel: "Thank you, too, I really need some of your knowledge."

Terry tells a joke: "Hey, do you know how to... Two prophets greet each other." (the end of the sentence is left out because they are prophets and know what is about to be said already, lol).

Angel: (our texts keep overlapping) "I see you play the guitar. I do too. ...HA, just got the prophet joke!"

Terry: "I knew you would."


Ok, we texted and texted and the next day we texted some more. So now I'm just going to go through the entire conversation and pick out the best stuff. There's SO much.


I send him my song, "Soldier of a Lifetime," HERE He sends me a Google Earth shot of his house. I'm not going to include it because it has his Gps location coordinates on it. He's in Colorado.

The screenshot he sends me is near his house but it is a lake. He says, "Bigfoot swimming party." It has a lot of brown dots. He also sends me Google Earth shots where the program measures the brown dot. They are all around 9 ft. tall. Bigfoot size.

Terry: "Just to let you know how blessed and special I really feel you are nobody ever gets my coordinates."

He sends me another photo. I tell him I have a photo of a double bent tree on my "Angel Creek" property and that I call the Bigfoot who bent it "Samson," after Samson in the Bible who pushed down the two pillars in the idolic temple. There's a Bigfoot standing by a mobile home. It is either his house or the house across from him that he can photograph from his house. The pictures in the Bigfoot realm are ALWAYS, almost always, blurry. That is because the Bigfoot live on a higher frequency than we do. It blurs the images. He sends me a video of his son playing the keyboards and drums. I send him the photo of Lead Tracker E standing next to the double bent tree (Bigfoot do this).

I tell him about Jerry Williams, the Bigfoot Expert, and Lead Tracker E tracking my "Angel Creek" property in the Arkansas Ozarks after I suspected Bigfoot(s) was there. Here are some of the pictures:

Terry sends me a picture of "Alfalfa," the baby Bigfoot that the mother Bigfoot frequently brings into his house on the bed with his little son. Yes, I know everything is blurry. But the videos Terry has taken combined with his passion and insight IS enough to tell he is telling the truth.

I ponder as I look at his photos if perhaps the good Bigfoot are protecting those of us who serve God. Terry says yes. He says it is part of our spiritual warfare. He says his son is his Indigo child. I've heard of that before. His son is gorgeous. Look it up. He says his son has 3x his own gift abilities. We talk about that. It is happening now all over the world. God is gifting his believers with special insight, wisdom, and knowledge. God is giving us the tools we need to carry his Word into the future. The next generation is even stronger in their love, and all the Christian virtues. The supernatural has crossed the veil and is helping us all. Don't be afraid. We've got this.

Terry: "This is so Awesome and Amazing! I see this is just the Beginning of many great and phenomenal things God will bless us with to come. God bless you, I'll let you process tonight and talk to me tomorrow. Have a fantastic night. God never fails to amaze me how glorious he is to put people in my life when I need it the most just like you. God bless you. I'll give you some processing time."

Still on "Do Bigfoot exist?" Watch the hairy hand:

Terry: "Some explanation... I was recording the baby monitor from my phone in the living room. At a certain point in time I just quit filming. It it takes the monitor. I automatically reach for it when it hands it to me. I had no idea that it happened until I reviewed the video I was amazed."

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written June 5, 2023 at 8:54 pm

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