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Jesus in the Garden, a metaphor

One of my friends who has Bigfoot actually ON his land, in Tennessee, and who goes out and interacts with them, daily, wrote to me. I've watched a lot of his videos. I've watched him trying to figure this all out, from a Christian point of view, just like I've been trying to figure it out. A lot of us are and the best we've come up with is the propaganda we are being continually fed for centuries. YES the earth IS the center of Creation and YES everything was designed by God our Father, YHWH, Yahweh, to teach us his doctrine. The sun, our glorious real, yellow, warm sun, (NOT the fake white one up there blocking it out with its cold, harsh led lights, well basically and it is patented, you know) is a metaphor for Jesus, for the Christ. So is the moon. So are the stars. Every single thing in all of Creation is a metaphor for Jesus, for Christ, for Christ Consciousness. "What would Jesus do?" when actually thought about and put into action, based on STUDYING Jesus leads to KNOWING Jesus and DOING what Jesus would choose to do. He'd choose to serve and obey his Father, God, YHWH, Yahweh. Our earth is flattish, there's a dome over the top, the ignorant of "What would Jesus do?" scientists and leaders can't get through it. They haven't figured out HOW because they don't have a clue about what Jesus would actually do. SO they create lies and propaganda and books with lies and college courses with lies and they have infiltrated every single iota of the world around us with fake Star Trek movies and billions thrown at Nasa to create fake pictures and fake space exploration programs and fake aliens that amazingly are supported by their fake movies such as Star Wars. Have you really bought the story of HOW Star Wars came into existence? Think about it. Money.

Ok, so here I am trying to figure out Bigfoot because when I bought a beautiful little piece of woods that was secluded enough for me to dream about a little log cabin and a creek, similar to Thoreau's Walden, I discovered they were already there. That's what all my "Angel Creek" short-stories are about. Well, now it has been 4 or more years since I paid my initial down payment on my woods. Now, I'm 4 years past, "Does Bigfoot exist?" Now, I have friends who make You Tube videos about the Bigfoot on their back 40 acres, just a phrase, and since most of us have been raised one way or another in Christianity we keep trying to figure it all out. At some point, today, the Christians get together who also know about the Bigfoot and they advance past the fake Nasa and aliens and Nephilim propaganda. Read my stories about what the Nephilim scriptures, Genesis 6, are actually talking about. They are not talking about fallen angels mating with the daughters of earth. It actually matches what I'm about to tell you that I wrote to my Christian Bigfoot friend just now. It is the same doctrine. Genesis 6 is talking about what happens when those who have mastered the Torah/Bible MATE with those who have mastered Science. The mating of the Spiritual realm with the Physical realm. Not aliens. Read my short-stories about flat earth and how aliens do not exist because outer space does not exist, at least not in the way Star Trek, Star Wars and Nasa artists, busy creating fantasies for us, all would have us believe.

My friend asked me about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. He had a brilliant idea that maybe Bigfoot were involved. I had never thought of that before, nor has anyone else. But they were. (If you really want to know who he is, this brilliant man, just read all my Bigfoot stories and figure it out. I'll just hint that I'm from Tennessee, too.) FIRST, to grasp it all, you have to put all the pieces back into their original, as designed by God our Father, YHWH, Yahweh's doctrine and plan. Yahweh's DESIGN has to be grasped FIRST. So here it is, this is word for word what I just messaged my friend. Believe it or not. OR just try it. It actually works. It's actually real. Because God designed Creation.


For privacy I'll just use my answer:

"So far in Mark 4 it has zero to do with what Christians think it is, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and you can probably understand this better than most because of your lifestyle. We have the entire doctrine wrong. That's what I study - What is the real doctrine in the Bible, in God's Word, that Jesus was teaching us? We have it completely wrong. The doctrine is natural. It is describing the physical world and the spiritual world. To get to the heights of the spiritual world like Jesus did you have to put Others first for a very very very long time in your life. It is a path. Likewise, it is a mirror with the physical world. To get to the very top of the physical world, money, you have to focus on your SELF for a very very very long time. They are mirror images. That's what is underneath the English Bible. Maybe they mistranslated it on purpose. Maybe they just didn't grasp what was there. But that's what is there.

Jesus in the garden is making the transition from a long long long path of focusing on Others, and having reached the tip top of the cycle to now going back to focus on Self. It is extremely difficult. Likewise those on the Self path reach a point where they have to cross over, the Passover, to the Others path. That's what the Garden of Gethsemane is talking about. As far as I've been able to figure out the good Bigfoot - Sa'be - got to be the way they are with all of their almost magical abilities because God designed them on purpose to be a metaphor for Christ and this entire process. They are a metaphor for this doctrine. They followed the physical realm (nature) SELF to completion and Passed Over, Passover, to the Spiritual realm, OTHERS. (They don't really want to be around us because we are a bunch of idiots, for the most part. But we can learn.)

Mirror images exist of everything (Self/Others) which means a dark version, evil version of Christ, the anti-christ, also exists. It is an entire system, a doctrine that exists in both the Old Testament and New Testament. It is saying that once you start on the Others path it is very difficult but just hang on because God has a system in place to help you. Like in my stories about how I kept getting led into understanding better through my choices and life events. Well it works the other way too. Once someone crosses over from Christ Consciousness to now go focus on the Self it is very very hard to get started, like in the garden, agony because you've never focused on money before, just others. But God has a system in place and if you will just hang on it will kick in and start helping you. That's the normal pattern in life. You get it more than others because you are more natural and grasp what actually exists and actually happens. I haven't figured every single thing out yet but in addition there seems to be an underworld (hades/hell) for those who repeatedly choose the vices, just like there is an overworld (heaven) for those who repeatedly choose the virtues. Jesus had already gone through the Passover which represents that point in the cycle where Others focus now turns to Self focus. But he's not quite there yet. It is all very different than what we've been taught. But it is completely natural and God created it all to teach us. xo"

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Written June 8, 2023 at 11:55 am


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