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The Stars, gods, Heaven and the Bigfoot Dingir Asterisk Symbol

One of my new friends on Facebook is a lady who has Bigfoot creatures in her woods. She simply posts the truth of her experiences. This morning she posted a picture of interwoven branches and said, "Found on private property here in area. An asterisk. I've seen this many times." First, I responded with, "Could they be weaving this together to weave energy together I wonder?" Some of the other responses included: "Lots of forest people," and a lady who is well known for her understanding and experiences in our Cryptid circles posted a couple of corresponding photos of her own that were similar. A guy posted, "Asterisk's aka, The star of Melchizedek, they build them in places of high energy from within the earth. Ley line areas or places with a lot of Quartz crystal. If you take an EMF meter, it would likely jump off the scale." My friend who initially posted the Bigfoot asterisk asked him, "Do you have these in your area?" He said, "4 actually. My area is high energy from Quartz," and he shared a photo of his own that was similar. She confirmed that she also had quartz in her area. He wrote back, "They place them in areas with the highest energy. They are high frequency beings." He also said, "The one you have pictured looks like one built by a juvenile. They have to learn sometime." I scrolled on down through the comments and several others confirmed they also had similar pics and associated them with quartz or crystals being in their areas. Then a lady said that in her area witches had covens for sacrificial ritual sites.

I started looking up definitions to see if I could get a clue as to what they mean by this symbol. I found "star" and "god or goddess" which is very interesting to me. Wikipedia Quote: HERE "The asterisk (/ˈæst(ə)rɪsk/ *), from Late Latin asteriscus, from Ancient Greek ἀστερίσκος, asteriskos, "little star",[1][2] is a typographical symbol. It is so called because it resembles a conventional image of a heraldic star. ...The asterisk has already been used as a symbol in ice age cave paintings...The asterisk evolved in shape over time, but its meaning as a symbol used to correct defects remained...One hypothesis to the origin of the asterisk is that it stems from the 5000-year-old Sumerian character dingir, 𒀭,[8] though this hypothesis seems to only be based on visual appearance...Dingir (𒀭, usually transliterated DIĜIR,[1] Sumerian pronunciation: [tiŋiɾ]) is a Sumerian word for "god" or "goddess"...Its cuneiform sign is most commonly employed as the determinative for religious names and related concepts...The cuneiform sign by itself was originally an ideogram for the Sumerian word an ("sky" or "heaven");[2] its use was then extended to a logogram for the word diĝir ("god" or "goddess")...The concept of "divinity" in Sumerian is closely associated with the heavens, as is evident from the fact that the cuneiform sign doubles as the ideogram for "sky", and that its original shape is the picture of a star...The original association of "divinity" is thus with "bright" or "shining" hierophanies in the sky."

So, then I wrote: "Ok so this is extremely interesting to me because it matches what I believe the original ancient Biblical Hebrew of the King James Bible is actually telling us. I write about this. Thank you for pointing this out. This would indicate, to me, that the Bigfoot creating this symbol are good ones, character wise.

One of my main areas of concern is how to determine if the ones in my own woods are good or evil and please don't chirp in, anyone, with both, I disagree and write about why. This would lead me to believe the ones who create this symbol are "good." I'd feel a lot safer on my own land if I found this symbol. It speaks to me in my own language, Biblical metaphors and symbolism."

My articles/short-stories that relate to this conclusion are:

"Not Nephilim" This article of mine is extremely related because the current Nephilim as fallen angels or aliens from other planets is ridiculously wrong. It would be extremely easy for someone who is falling for that constellation of false ideas to tie it to what I say the symbolism is and throw everyone off-track. HERE

"A Small Southern Town" which explains how my current doctrine evolved from standard Fundamental Christian Doctrine to ancient Biblical Hebrew based original Bible scriptures doctrine that matches nature and Creation - HERE

"The Legend" which quotes: "To the Cherokees, the bear represented the division between people and animals, and bears were descended from people." HERE

"Rebuked, YES Bigfoot is both Physical & Spiritual" HERE

Actually all my articles/short-stories are in agreement with the concept of the asterisk that I quoted at the beginning of this article/short-story. After I wrote this I went back to the original posting by my new Facebook friend and shared it with them. I said, "I write short-stories about the Cryptids on my own land, "Angel Creek," and my stories are continuous from Day One of not knowing they exist till today, 4 years later. I also write as I learn. I just learned a ton today thanks to Cindy and several of these comments. I try to write the exact truth of whatever happens but not invade anyone's privacy unless using their name particularly benefits them or they give me permission, or I just use their first name. But I do capture the truth of the matter by including truthful remarks I run across. So I just wrote a story based on this thread. I included a few of your really good comments to try to help us all grasp this. I also link to my other stories that expand on the same idea in today's short-story. Enjoy and Thank you guys, this is a great thread!

After I had finished writing this I went back to Facebook and posted it a couple of places. I put it on my own Bigfoot page: "Bigfoot & Dogman Spiritworld." HERE I then went to look at my notices and someone had posted in another thread on my same new lady friend's page about the Bigfoot X Cross symbol. People were wondering what it means. I've wondered as well. A guy said, "It means Welcome!" Another couple of guys posted, "How do YOU know?" THEN I read this:

Quote: "not necessarily. To us yes, absolutely welcome with respect. To disrespectful people with negative energy the opposite. My BF teacher explained this to me last week. The X represents good or positive energy in one half, negative or bad in the other. The center of the X represents where all energy is made. The heart and mind. So, any person with positive respectful energy feels that energy magnified in a positive way and the negative bad person feels get out or leave magnified. Was an amazing revelation for me!"

I answered this comment with: "That is the best explanation I've ever heard and I think I'll go add it to my story I wrote this morning about the Bigfoot asterisk if you don't mind. I don't use names for privacy but when I see a wonderfully helpful comment like yours I really want others to hear it too. Thank you! This matches my idea that it is a symbol for the place where heaven and earth (spiritual/physical) cross. I think Bigfoot themselves are symbols for exactly that, the blending point of heaven/earth, spiritual/physical. Wonderful comment!"

By the way, this never ends. I just write about whatever happens next, as my Father, God, YHWH, directs my paths. I just went back to edit this article and in the process I googled "Melchizedek." HERE Quote: "In the Bible, Melchizedek (/mɛlˈkɪzədɛk/,[1] Biblical Hebrew: מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶק‎, romanized: malkī-ṣeḏeq, "king of righteousness" or "my king is righteousness" I personally interpret that as King Righteousness, in other words to me it is saying that the King of the Spiritual Realm, the ones who achieves Christ Consciousness in their very being, as I believe the good Bigfoot have ARE the King, the head position, the source, point a on the journey, BECAUSE they are Righteous. Jesus was King. Jesus was Righteous. It IS possible for us to become like Jesus after a long, long series of continual choices based on obedience to God's laws combined with deep study of God's Word in both the real meaning of scripture in our Bibles AND in God the Father's Creation, nature, the realm of our Mother, Mother Earth. THAT person(s) is Melchizedek. Yes, they exist. They are as rare and as hidden from our eyes as Bigfoot, but yes, they exist. Good Bigfoot are Melchizedeks and they embody the entire concept because God our Father, YHWH created them just for that purpose. Also, in the same article it says, "Melchizedek is seen as a divine being in the text and is referred to as "El" or "Elohim"..." See, I told you so (how I interpret the word "elohim" that is wrongly interpreted "God.") There is only one word for God our Father that I interpret in the entire Bible and it is not elohim. Jesus was an elohim. God the Father is YHWH, Yahweh. God was Jesus' father. Jesus mastered Christ Consciousness, was an elohim, and was teaching us how to master the kingdom of the heavens, the spiritual realm.

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Written April 21, 2023 at 9:00 am


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