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The Sign of Melchizedek

Today my Bigfoot left a sign for me and I understand it. My lady worker has been diligently clearing my land going deeper and deeper into my woods. She sends me Before and After photos every time she works 3 hours or 6 hours. That's how we proceed. Well, I look at every picture eagerly in order to see from a distance what we need to do next. I've seen this big log in my pictures. Today it was different. Today it had a new structure on it. It had 4 sticks on the left and 3 sticks on the right. I thought... I wrote an article about this, this looks like an asterisk...what did that mean again... and I went to look up my own short-story. My Bigfoot just left me "the sign of Melchizedek." That has meaning to me. HERE

Melchizedek means "Righteousness." They just told me they are good ones. I believe that. They also did it on the very same day, AFTER I had posted my newest short-story in a couple of Bigfoot groups that combines insight into Jesus praying in the garden, my deep ancient Biblical Hebrew studies, and getting the DOCTRINE right. HERE I explained what the true doctrine is that Jesus was teaching us. It all matches. I received the photo of the sign in my woods with my own trees, today, after I had posted that. My own short-story explained it to me. I told my lady with a chainsaw I believe we are ok. We are.

Wow... this is a quote from my OWN short-story: "One of my main areas of concern is how to determine if the ones in my own woods are good or evil and please don't chirp in, anyone, with both, I disagree and write about why. This would lead me to believe the ones who create this symbol are "good." I'd feel a lot safer on my own land if I found this symbol. It speaks to me in my own language, Biblical metaphors and symbolism." HERE

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Written June 8, 2023 at 5:59 pm


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