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The Purpose of the Walnut

It is 5:24 in the morning, I'm in my beautiful white massage chair, I have a cup of coffee in my hand. I just posted my "Tetiaroa and Chapelgate" short-story on my Facebook page. I was headed to the group I'm in about Bora Bora to tell them I have a story about that on my page right now, then I saw my news stream. The guy who runs "Dogmen Encounters" had posted about taking a hike and having a walnut roll by. He asked the group what they thought it meant. I didn't intend to stop and read the "Dogmen Encounters" post HERE but then it occured to me God might want me to because it had come to my attention, so I back tracked to take a closer look. I wound up writing this short-story.

Here's what the guy said, quoted, and then what I said to him and his group...

Quote (Dogmen Encounters): If you’ve listened to any of the shows I’ve been a guest on, recently, you probably heard me talk about the walks I take, deep into a big woods here, where I live. It’s a woods where Dogmen and Sasquatch live. Well, I had some excitement, recently. On my second to most recent walk, after I’d made it a little over a mile into the woods, I heard something clattering through the branches behind me. It was a calm day and no one was anywhere close to me, so the clattering was easy to hear. When I turned around to see what was making that noise, I heard the object hit the ground and then saw a walnut rolling at a 90 degree angle, up to the path I’d walked through the woods, and roll a pretty good distance before it stopped. To make sure it couldn’t have been easily explained away, I looked for squirrels overhead, in the trees around me. There weren’t any that I could see. Considering the fact I heard the walnut flying through the branches, from some distance away, that precluded the possibility of it having been dropped from one of the branches overhead. Another funny thing about that was, I didn’t see any walnut trees anywhere near me. I can’t come up with any logical explanation for what happened, other than the idea that that walnut must have been thrown by something, to get my attention; which raises the question, what could have thrown it? Hmm…"

Angel: "It is like the cross X they make. Someone who has constant interactions with them told me that the X is designed to allow the observer to choose how they want to interpret it. Since they mindspeak that then tells them what they want to know about your character. They need that info in order to protect themselves and their families. So however you interpreted it in your mind at the time is how they responded. It is also a warning you are getting too close. If you don't believe me just think about what happens here on your own post. I've already blocked the ones who told you it was just a natural and physical occurrence. That's because they don't grasp the spiritual and I can tell that and figured it out before I threw this walnut. My comment is also designed to draw those who do believe in the supernatural to my own page where they will find supernatural stories I write about everything. That's the purpose of the "walnut." Enjoy your shows, thanks. By the way, I just quoted you and this in one of my Bigfoot/Dogmen stories I write, I'm still writing it this exact second. I told you before you are welcome to read any of my stories on your show, but I prefer writing to speaking and don't want to be interviewed. Thanks! Angel"

PS ...and then I made my way to my Bora Bora group's page and posted: "I have a post on my page right now about Bora Bora and Tetiaroa, when I visited it, in 1986, in case anyone is interested in reading it. I write about what it was like before the Brando was built. Thanks!" It's HERE. xo

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Written March 6, 2024 at 5:31 am


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