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These are Not Pareidolia: Thought-forms

I've been in several "Bigfoot" groups on Facebook now for the past 3 years or so. I know there are govt. sponsored, probably paid and trained, infiltrators. There are also people who are sure the physical world is all that exists and troll any thought otherwise. Every time anyone posts anything interesting, say a face, for example, they are the first to loudly yell, "Pareidolia!!!" I've seen this happen constantly. For some reason the govt. doesn't want anyone to grasp there is a Spiritual world. People who only believe in a physical world ALSO do not want to know this. Hummm, I wonder why?

If you read the body of my work you will see that I believe "goodness" usurps "badness." Heaven is over Earth. What I am saying is that IF we could actually get our Christianity back on the right track we'd soon be teaching "morality" in our sermons, again. Morality has been under quite an attack within Christianity, our Churches, our sense of who and what Jesus really was, our sense of who and what God, Yahweh, YHWH, expects us to be. I am saying that there is an entire WORLD to be explored and that is the Spiritual World, based on simple Morality. I did.

In 1985, after being born into fundamental Christianity and raised going to church 3 times per week, without fail, I, as a Christian, who LOVED that world, prayed. I took a look around one day. I noticed I had my entire little family going to church regularly. I had my oldest son enrolled in our Church's private first grade. I was taking my little ones to church and to classes every Sunday, supported fully by my husband. I was happily learning more and more about God in our wonderful Adult Sunday School class, which had a marvelous teacher. We'd anonomously donated half the cost of one of the several new stained glass windows, $10,000. each, in the new main Sanctuary auditorium our beautiful Houston, Texas church was busy raising millions of dollars to build. I loved my Church world. I loved God. I practiced Christianity and had for decades. I was IN the center of Christianity, happily. I prayed. I trusted God. My little children could recite the books of the Bible as fast as you could snap your fingers, even the littlest one, who was only about two years old. She could tell when her three and six year old brothers paused for a second to think, while reciting the books of the Bible, WHICH book came next and she'd pipe in with the correct answer. Church. God. Jesus. Our world. But then I prayed one day...

I prayed, "Dear Father, if there is something about Christianity that I don't understand, would you please show me what it is? Would you please teach me, Father. I was praying to GOD even way back then in 1985. You don't pray TO Jesus. I knew that. You END the prayer with, "In Jesus' name, amen." Jesus prayed to God. I prayed to God, our Father, Jesus' Father. Like HE did. That's a Key. I didn't know it yet, except by habit from being raised in the Church of Christ. Lots of people attacked the Church of Christ, my beloved, for their beliefs. They said we were "legalistic." What they meant was, "No, you DON'T have to BE Moral. Jesus covered us." Well, they were wrong. It took me years to figure it all out. They were/ARE wrong.

So, I prayed, one day, in my beautiful Houston home I had bought with my computer engineer husband, not far from our Church, where we went and took our kids every Sunday, "Dear God..." I asked God, our Father to TEACH me. He did. I write about this in my main story of my life, my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." I documented twenty four years, day by day, year by year. I began Christmas Eve, 1985 with this prayer. Then I wrote for 24 years without fail, documenting what happened next. I documented God's answer to my prayer. Yes, we DO have to be "moral." Yes, Jesus DID tell us that.

What happened right after my prayer was silence. God didn't speak. It was just quiet. So, I thought to myself, "What can I DO, myself, to try to figure this out?" I decided I would:

1. Stop listening to Country Music, which I loved. From that day forward my radio dial in my car was tuned to Contemporary Christian Music. I had looked for Gospel music, which I didn't like near as much as I loved Country music. I had found the world of CCM, Amy Grant, Michael Card, Larry Norman, Leslie Phillips, Rich Mullins, Benny Hester, David & the Giants, Wayne Watson, and then I started writing songs, myself.

2. Read at lease one verse of the Bible every day for an entire year. I made a Vow that I would do that. When you make a Vow to God then you MUST keep your vow. I did.

3. Simply try harder to please and obey God. This meant that if something I wanted to do went against something in the Bible that I knew God wanted me to do (or not do) THEN I would CHOOSE to obey God. Even if it was hard, even if I didn't want to, even if it would cost me a high price. I did.

When you do those 3 things and do them sincerely from you heart without holding back, earnestly and truthfully, then things begin to happen. Morality. No one has EXPLORED Morality. I did. Step by step by step by step. Doing these 3 things worked like a path. It closed doors. It opened doors. The path went farther and farther and farther. I was walking in obedience with my Father, God. God answered my prayer. God taught me. I keep thinking people will look at me now and say, "SHE's not perfect." Oh, but what they haven't seen. My mind, my thinking, my secret actions, my step-by-step knowledge of the Bible, of God, my sacrifices...God sees. God measures you. He measures the secret you. He sees what no one else can see. He hears your heart, your mind, he knows WHY you've made the choices no one else can grasp or understand. God sees. God measures. You grow. You repent. You ask for forgiveness. You change. Day after day after day. You walk. Walk. So God and I did this and it leads to an understanding that there IS a Spiritual World.

THIS is what the Govt. doesn't want you to figure out. Why? Because it takes Christianity out of the helpless little box it has been stuffed into. That little box has been carefully wrapped in chains, chain after chain, and locked. Locked tight. Doing this gives you the key. God teaches you. When he does, you learn, you learn from your life, from your choices. One idea, one step, leads to the next idea, next step, and on and on and on, UNTIL. Until what? Until you have explored morality. This is the land I explored, now for 38 years, non-stop. I never stopped. I kept doing just what I described. I kept writing it down. I documented it.

Now I'm here. Now, I'm describing the Kingdom of Heaven. There IS a Spiritual World. God the Father leads us there if we do just what I described. It is a marvelous, wondrous, place. This is what ALL the Governments of the entire World do Not want you to figure out. The Kingdom of Heaven exists. We can explore with our Father God, right now, while we are alive. It has rules. It matches the real Bible underneath our English Bible. You can learn and obey the English Bible and still get there, IF, you just do what I did, those 3 things (True Spiritual Nourishment, Bible study, Obedience). God teaches you. That's what Jesus was teaching us, is teaching us, was teaching us, until he got put into a little box, chained up, and locked up. It is all there. You can find it. You can do it. You can see for yourself. I wrote books, year after year, to help you.

SO. "Pareidolia." When someone tells you, mocks you, lashes out at you, just remember what I've said. Think of WHY these types of people even exist. They exist because the jailers with the keys to the locks to the boxes they've stuffed Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible into are being PAID. Why? Money is at stake. The Kingdom of Heaven RULES the Kingdom of Earth. Morality rules over immorality. Goodness rules over Badness. God wins. God designed the game. God designed Creation. There IS a Kingdom of Heaven.

These are Not Pareidolia - "Thought-forms" is the title of this short-story. Ok, so here it is 1985-2023. I'm writing this in December, 2023. After my "Chapelgate Adventure Series," books, songs, poems, stories I then began "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." The purpose of the first is that I wrote in the shape of God's holy Temple. It is the temple. Then I added a courtyard. That was to bring in the "nations," non-Christians who hear and eventually want to walk further towards God, the courtyard. Then I started writing, "Angel Creek," which was when God put Bigfoot into my life story. I believe God did that to lead me HERE - to today, to the types of things I'm noticing and now also writing about. Last, I am still writing the sequel to my main book, which I self-published in 2009, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir HERE. From 2009 until right now, 2023, and extending into 2024, at least, because the story just keeps writing itself in my day to day life, is the sequel. I call it, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." It contains all my work that is based on all my other work. A lot of everything is here on my website. It's not Pareidolia, I think it might be "Thought-forms." HERE

Thought-forms. I'm not sure yet. I'm just not sure yet. But the dozens and dozens of transparent beings that I, myself, and dozens of other Bigfoot researchers in the Facebook Bigfoot groups I've been in and am now in, keep circling these transparent beings that are showing up in our photographs as we try to find Bigfoot in our photos. What are they? Just read many of my other short-stories here on my website and you'll see the pictures of them I have from "Angel Creek," my Ozarks off-grid property. They are NOT Pareidolia.

Google search:

What does it mean if you have pareidolia?

par·​ei·​do·​lia ˌper-ˌī-ˈdō-lē-ə -ˈdōl-yə : the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. The scientific explanation for some people is pareidolia, or the human ability to see shapes or make pictures out of randomness.Nov 11, 2023

Here's another quote:

"the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern"

Here's another quote:

"Pareidolia can cause people to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadow, as faces."

The more we keep seeing these faces, the more the Govt. and key-holders to our chained boxes keep muddying the water and deepening the explanations for why we don't. We do.

There is a Spiritual World. It exists. It is part of the spiritual realm God our Father, Yahweh, has created. He created with a design in mind: Heaven over Earth. It is designed in steps, in stages, just like I've described that I learned beginning in 1985. I didn't magically become who I am today. I grew. I walked. That is God's design. Stages. There is an "Earthly" physical stage where I'd put the two items I've referred to on "thought-forms." There is a spiritual "Heavenly" stage that I am describing now. The Kingdom of the heavens, stages. The Kingdom of Heaven.

I'm trying to figure out what the faces I see in the photos I take (hire people to take) at "Angel Creek," my Ozarks property ARE. They are way too detailed, way too incredibly accurately detailed, for my brain to be making up. Why do the other people who look at the same photographs ALSO see the SAME incredibly, accurately, detailed faces? It is because we ARE photographing faces. These faces are of various creatures, we all see how various they are. Some look like they have dog, ape, bear similarities. Some look very, very human, male and female, old, young with various articles of clothing. Some look like fairies or elves or dwarfs, or like tiny people, trolls, hobbits, ghosts, demons, aliens. Some look dumb. Some look menacing. Some look sly, evil. Some look like mothers or fathers with their children, babies. Some are HUGE. Some are Medium-sized. Some are Small. Faces blend in with other faces, bodies with other bodies. They seem to stay in packs a lot. They remind me of Totem poles and I wonder if Totem poles actually were created in part because these beings exist and had been observed. They stack. They camoflauge. They hide. They are curious. They are real. I believe they are ALIVE. I think they may be "Thought-forms." I don't know. I'm still learning. Stay-tuned, lol.


This is the actual post I posted on one of the Facebook Bigfoot groups I am in. People in the group actually go out into the field and research, look for, document Bigfoot. They find structures and footprints. They come back with pictures we all analyze. Lots of trolls yell, "Fake, blurry, pareidolia!" Lots of knowledgeable people answer, "Wrong." We keep trying to figure this out. We are succeeding.

"This is a picture of my off-grid Ozarks land taken yesterday. I think I see Cryptids in it. Does anybody else see anything? Thank you!"

A group member: "Are things crawling on each side, flanking?"

Angel: "I don't know, I didn't look for that, hummm...thanks! I do see things on both sides. That tree stump on the right even has some in it, but there are others right of it. They are pretty much everywhere."

A group member: "I do."

Angel: "Another thing I've noticed is that if you look at the tops of the tree branches against the blue sky it looks like a web. There are all kinds of what-are-theys peeking through the web sections. I'm beginning to think these ARE live creatures, transparent, maybe spiritual, but that they are "thought-forms." There are SO many. But there are SO many possible "thoughts" within Creation. I don't know, trying to figure this stuff out. I have lots of stories of what I have figured out so far about these Cryptids or whatever they are on my website. Look in the "Angel Creek" tab of my short-stories."

Another group member sends me a couple of close-ups from my photo:

Angel: "That's the one I was originally referring to. There are two black pups further right about 15 feet." Now that I look more closely, there are LOTS of transparent entitites. I think they may be living "Thought-forms." There are SO many "thoughts" in Creation. There are SO many of these transparent entites, whatever-they-ares. I'm thinking they may be "Thought-forms." I then post the two links I already posted here in this article, above. Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater "Thought Forms: "A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation.: HERE and "Thoughtography of Ted Serios" HERE and The World of Ted Serios: "Thoughtographic" Studies of an Extraordinary Mind" by Jule Eisenbud HERE

Here's an example from one of my earlier "Angel Creek" stories HERE

"Dear Father, you have told us to come to YOU with our questions. What are these, what IS this?" I prayed, after writing this article, reading it again the next day. "The Aether," is the thought that came to me. HERE

Hint: I'm going to focus on Vol. I Classical Theories because I already know that Einstein was a Gatekeeper. I may even skip Vol. II The Modern Theories.

The scripture, "In Him we live and move and have our being," also came into my mind." If you try to use the internet to search and find answers you may still get a hint here and there. But if you fill your mind with God's Word and you fill your heart with the DESIRE to understand what the Holy Bible is really saying and with the INTENT to listen to your Father, who knows all things, then you will find doors shut and doors open. He leads you. I've studied the Aether before and I've bought several books that are waiting for their turn for me to read them, on the subject. The internet, more and more, is being stuffed into a little box. Chains are being added. The Gatekeepers are tucking the keys to the locks they are busily putting on the chains around the boxes secretly into their own pockets. Money is at stake. Therefore knowledge has to be boxed up. God our Father doesn't operate like that. The Kingdom of Heaven operates with its' very OWN set of rules. You can learn them. You start with the 10 Commandments and the 3 ideas I had way back in 1985.

Just this morning I was reading one of the most wonderful books I've ever found and praying to thank my Father for leading me to it. It is called, "Nature as Teacher: New Principles in the Working of Nature," by Viktor Schauberger. HERE The copy I bought from Amazon has been usurped by the Gatekeepers who had to add their chains of "global warming" around his book and his ideas. Why? Money is at stake. There IS a Kingdom of Earth. Our Father, God, created all, designed all. He designed the Earth as well as the Heavens. We are instructed in both the Old Testament, Genesis 1:28 "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” King James Version (KJV), and in the New Testament, by Jesus, Matthew 4:19 "Come here!" KJV (to HIS way of thinking and following God his Father where doors shut and doors open) to MASTER BOTH the Earth and Heaven. Heaven is above, rules over, the Earth. But the Earth is the body, soul, and teaching ground of our Mother. In the 10 Commandments we are instructed to HONOR BOTH our Mother and our Father. That means our real parents but it also means what God created our real parents to symbolize. Our Mother, is in charge of the Kingdom of Earth. Our Father is in charge of ALL, Created ALL, but especially, He is in charge of the Kingdom of Heaven. Earth = the Physical realm. Heaven = the Spiritual realm. If you go study Viktor Schauberger's books and life you will have a big jumpstart on mastering the Kingdom of Earth. Follow, Come HERE!, Jesus and learn his true teachings you will have a big jumpstart on mastering the Kingdom of Heaven. They work together. They are mated.

Right now, the Gatekeepers have the Kingdom of Earth ALSO in locked and chained little boxes. Why? Money and Control. So read and study and ask your Father, God, for your answers. He will lead you and teach you. Genealogy is important. Viktor's father was "a master forester, as was his grandfather, great-grandfather, and even his father be­­fore that. His uncle had been the last imperial hunt master in Bad Ischl during the days of Emperor Franz Josef. Viktor grew up as a ‘son of the forest’. As a child, he and his father spent days in the forest where he developed a keen observation and love of nature..." HERE

SO... Go and learn, master, the Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus gave us a big hint. He said to, "Come HERE!" God designed the Kingdom of Heaven (the Spiritual) to RULE over the Kingdom of Earth (the Physical). Jesus was telling us to BEGIN with the Kingdom of Heaven. If you do, the Kingdom of Earth is given to you. They are mirror images. The Physical was designed to reflect the Spiritual. I'm betting the Aether is a good starting place. I'll be searching in that direction. I'll be ignoring the Gatekeepers. "Come HERE!" We can do this. Pass it down to your children and grandchildren. Genealogy is important.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written December 8, 2023 at 11:09 am

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