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A Baby Chicken and Bigfoot in Tennessee

The same morning, a bit later, after I wrote "The Purpose of the Walnut" HERE in response to a question posed by the creator of Dogman Encounters on his page HERE, (his You Tube channel is HERE), I noticed my friends Jerry and TnKy had liked that post. So I went to see what they are up to on their You Tube channels. I started watching TnKy's latest which starts off with him showing the lady who is interviewing him his chicken coop. He reaches under the hen and pulls out a baby chicken to show the camera. When he casually said something astounding I paused in watching, posted this in my comments, in the Walnut post and then came here, on my website, to turn it into one of my short-stories...

Angel: "On the chance some of the Dogman Encounters people come over here because of my post... This is my friend, Tennessee Kentucky Bigfoot (Tnky Bfoot) and his channel on You Tube. HERE He has taught me a lot. Just in the first five minutes of this video at his home, while showing his chickens, he casually calls over to his son who then describes how the Bigfoot were swaying one of the trees, out in their field, back and forth... did you catch that... one of the HUGE trees that Bigfoot was pushing back and forth... just mentioned in the course of his conversation. These guys are amazing and this is what you call REAL knowledge. I'll post the baby chicken video I'm watching right now, then go find my friends Jerry and Ella and let you also see their work. They are the ones who originally tracked my "Angel Creek" Ozarks land for Bigfoot and I eventually met TnKy through them."

Here is Jerry Williams and Lead Tracker E's You Tube. HERE There are several short-stories in my "Angel Creek" category, here on my website, about Jerry and Ella (Lead Tracker E). I include the 2 hour video they made OF my actual Ozarks land the day they first tracked it for Bigfoot. They also have a book, available on Amazon, HERE.

This is the show they created describing tracking my Ozarks land, "Angel Creek." Here is the short-story I wrote at the time: "The report on my Ozarks farm is now published. This occured this past week. 8/25/22" HERE

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Written March 6, 2024 at 10:06 am


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