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Not Nephilim

This is a post I wrote today after joining another Facebook group discussing Bigfoot and Dogmen. Jerry says to not even call them Dogmen because dogs are for the most part good and it gives people a false sense of security. They are Werewolves. Yes, they exist. They look similar to huge, muscled dogs/wolves and walk on 2 feet. Jerry says these monsters all share the same dna and the differences are based on what they have consumed the most. He believes they are all Predators. I agree, they are all predators. The only difference between Jerry's knowledge and my own is that I am using my insight gleaned from my ancient Biblical Hebrew studies (15,000 hours retranslating the Bible after 2 Masters degrees) as I study them. He is using his knowledge passed down from his Choctaw heritage, equally astute. Of course his is also based on tracking them and teaching from his first-hand experience and there is nothing more valuable than that. The account I talk about and link to in this article is now high on my list of what I believe to be true. I place it just under Jerry's work. Read my other short-stories on this subject and you'll see why.

Here's what I said:

"I found the same episode last night and joined this group as a result. I'm just about to finish watching it right now. I checked my Facebook, found I was accepted into this group, thank you, and had already put that episode back on. I actually have the link saved in my cut and paste and was reading first before I posted it here. So thank you for producing it very much, it was one of the very best I've heard, that describes how dangerous some of these creatures can actually be. I've been studying this for 4 years after suspecting they were on my Ozarks land I bought online. It is in another state. I write short-stories (no I don't want to do an interview but you can read my stories on air if you want to). I'm still trying to figure out if there are good ones and evil ones and how to tell the difference. I'm actually afraid to go to my own land. I've been there about 4 times for less than 2 hours total before asking a Choctaw Medicine Man Indian to track it for me. He did and the report is in my short-stories with the 2 hour video he made. I have all sorts of photos in my stories that I haven't figured out yet. My website is chapelgate angel dot com and they are under "Angel Creek." I study ancient Biblical Hebrew scriptures and can read on a level no one seems to know exists. I think I know a bit about what these things are. The verses about Nephilim are incorrect. That is not what these are. That is my belief. Anyway, thank you again! xo Angel"


The perfectly awesome, and highly helpful because I can tell it is true, You Tube video I am referring to is HERE.


So, if these creatures are not Nephilim, like the current theory is being promoted, then what are they? I believe they are similar to the Nephilim story but like all things that get highly promoted the Nephilim version that has now become common-place has its own agenda. I throw out that agenda. I just want to know from the holy Bible, from God's Word, what the answer is. The reason why no one is grasping this, I believe, is because first we have to get our Christian doctrine right. It needs to go back to what it was originally. The true Christian doctrine, what Jesus was actually saying to us and what the holy Bible is actually documenting is God's Word. That is in nature, God's creation. God designed nature to communicate his Word. The Bible does. The English Christian version of our holy Bible does not. Here is my short-story explaining how we have the doctrine wrong. If we get the doctrine right it matches nature. THEN we can properly understand what these creatures are.

My story, "A Small Southern Town" discusses the doctrine. HERE

God has designed the metaphysical spiritual realm as a mirror image of the physical realm. The Bible calls that "Heaven" and "Earth." These creatures are symbols for very advanced concepts that you do not grasp until you walk the path. I describe that pattern in my story. The Christ, the Messiah, the anointed one, and concepts related to him are what Bigfoot and Werewolves were designed by God our Father, YHWH, Yahweh, to represent. Everything is in a parallel mirror image of heaven and earth, good and evil. So if I recognize from my deep studies that the spiritual reality exists then that means the physical reality exists as well. I do. They are both expressing the same thought, with the supremacy of the kingdom of Heaven being OVER the kingdom of Earth. That is what Genesis 1 is actually talking about.

The Christ level of worship of God is a predator. Inside the spirit of the Christ, of Jesus, of the Messiah, is a beautiful and unique total urge to absolutely annihilate anything that is not true according to God's Word. The features in the personality and habits of Bigfoot and Werewolves are mirrored in the personality and habits of the Christ. They are the same concept. The destructive evil creatures are flipped over like a parallel to the healing good personality of the Christ. The battleground is our comprehension of God's Word. What Jesus was actually doing was attacking and correcting the doctrine of his day and age. It is a spirit that comes to exist inside of anyone who walks the path to the kingdom of heaven. Jesus was describing the kingdom of heaven to us and was doing so because he had walked the path. Every single story about him is actually a metaphysical concept that is being expressed physically in the words of the Bible. You have to go by the original scriptures and interpret them correctly. If you try to grasp this based on current Christian doctrine you will never get it. The Nephilim is when the 2 concepts breed. Bigfoot and Werewolves are the earth physical expression of this concept. There are, therefore, both good ones and bad ones. It is the bad ones that I'm trying to figure out how to discern because I actually now own property where both are located, my Ozarks land, "Angel Creek." I have no intention of taking my precious family there until I grasp what is actually there and if mine are good or evil. I suspect mine are good but I'm not sure yet. Good Bigfoot and Werewolves would be mirroring Evil Bigfoot and Werewolves to express the totality of the doctrine that Jesus was explaining to us. He WAS God's Word so the correct doctrine was in his mind. It is expressed in every Bible story. If and when we follow the path to the kingdom of the heavens, the spiritual realm that is all around us, then we will finish understanding these creatures. These creatures, both the good ones and the evil ones, are going in and out of both the physical and the spiritual realm. You can call that Nephilim and be correct but you have to discard the false agenda first. The best I can describe it to you is in my stories, all of them as a whole, and in particular in my latest story, "A Small Southern Town."

Well, I'm going to go finish watching that You Tube video. It is an amazing story and it helps all of us tremendously as we try to grasp these concepts and happenings. Bless those who created it and bless Jerry for being the warrior he is and leading the way. Go read the stories and watch the videos. You'll see why. xo Angel

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 19, 2023 at 12:43 pm


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