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Not Nephilim

This is a post I wrote today after joining another Facebook group discussing Bigfoot and Dogmen. Jerry says to not even call them Dogmen because dogs are for the most part good and it gives people a false sense of security. They are Werewolves. Yes, they exist. They look similar to huge, muscled dogs/wolves and walk on 2 feet. Jerry says these monsters all share the same dna and the differences are based on what they have consumed the most. He believes they are all Predators. I agree, they are all predators. The only difference between Jerry's knowledge and my own is that I am using my insight gleaned from my ancient Biblical Hebrew studies (15,000 hours retranslating the Bible after 2 Masters degrees) as I study them. He is using his knowledge passed down from his Choctaw heritage, equally astute. Of course his is also based on tracking them and teaching from his first-hand experience and there is nothing more valuable than that. The account I talk about and link to in this article is now high on my list of what I believe to be true. I place it just under Jerry's work. Read my other short-stories on this subject and you'll see why.

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