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Still trying to help a friend

I wrote a couple of short-stories recently about one of my friends. He asked me to try to help him help someone we both care about. That person has cancer. Neither my friend nor I believe that currently accepted medical practices are going to actually help. We both started looking for what actually WOULD help. I used my ancient Biblical Hebrew thoughts. I advised him based on the spirit. I said it was my belief that the spirit and flesh are linked. To help we had to first figure out what was wrong physically and then match that to the spiritual counterpart the physical symbolizes. Once we did that we could work on the spirit and it would manifest into the flesh. The first story, "Yin-Yang," is HERE. I followed up with a man I found and I wrote two short-stories about his work. "Jesus Light...Scalar Light" HERE and "Scalar the 4" HERE

Then, yesterday I found a lady I thought was on the right track and wrote a short-story about her, "Fasting, Food, and Stars," HERE

Angel: "I found this tonight for you and for myself. It is a lady who is very knowledgeable about health."

Today, I followed the lady's interests and wound up with the two new short-stories I wrote this morning, "A Quantum Start," HERE and "A New Age …Again" HERE

Just now I wrote to my friend again and sent him those links.

Angel: "After I found this lady I kept researching her interests and wound up with the same theory I told you in the beginning. It is my belief the cancer is coming from his belief system. I said for you to get him a King James Bible and for him to start reading it. Then I suggested you have him start reading my website. You said he doesn't like to read and won't change his belief system. That Houston doctor is going to cost $60k at least from what I've been able to halfway figure out. That first idea I sent to you requires a photograph to be sent to a guy who then puts it in his machine and uses the spiritual realm to work on basically his aura. I said I thought that would probably work based on my ancient Hebrew thoughts. This lady and the Houston doctor and the Scalar light photograph doctor and the one I just found today ALL are saying what I said to you in the first place. It isn't just a physical problem. It is in the belief system. So maybe you can get him to watch this lady's You Tube videos. HERE Maybe you can get him to watch the new guy's You Tube videos. I think it will help." HERE

Google Search Quote: (The guy I found today) What is the summary of Bruce Lipton's biology of belief?

In The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton argues that you have more control over your health and genetic expression than you think. He says that your thoughts and beliefs can have a powerful impact on your body, influencing everything from your immune system to your hormones.

His book is HERE

His website is HERE

His You Tube channel is HERE

The Original Houston Doctor we discussed is HERE

The next day Gabriel had seen my message to him and had given me a thumbs up. It then occured to me to tell my sister and send her this same short-story with all the links and the thought processes we've gone through.

Angel (to my sister): "I've been helping my friend Gabriel research alternative health ideas because (privacy blank) has cancer and he loves (privacy blank) very much. He says he isn't going to let the medical system in place right now kill (privacy blank) like it killed his mom. He has mourned his mom for a decade now, I've seen it. It really affected him deeply. He and (privacy blank) found a doctor in Houston, when his mom was still alive. Gabriel says his mom chose to go the standard current medical route and that's what killed her. He asked me for my advice and to also take a look at the Houston doctor he and his dad had found. I did and told him I thought he had found the answer. The doctor is expensive and the current medical system won't cover the costs. So he asked me to then keep researching that doctor and for advice, and I have been. So this is my conclusion I just sent to him last night - this short-story with all the links and advice. I think the same ideas will help Mom and Dad and Michael (our brother who had brain lesions and a million dollar surgery). xoxo

PS Then I sent it all to my Mom and Dad. xo

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Written May 28, 2024 at 3:53 pm


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