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Texas, USA, Independence & St. Augustine Monsters

In yesterday’s first short-story I wote that the current book I’m reading, “Myths of the Dog-Man” had caused me to go examine Genesis Chapter 1. My short-story was about how the process of Creation works. That story is, “Eureka! Genesis 1 Creation; Grand Cayman, Steven Tyler, & Hollywood” HERE. This morning, after I wrote late last night, “Look what God just did! Mark…” HERE I went back to the current book I’m reading.

In my stories I not only describe to you what the creative process of an Eureka! is but I then, mere hours later, prove it to you with my, “Look what God did!” exclamation. God did that. I am creating. God responds. Creation.

Just now, in reading my book, it referenced me to one of its’ source books. I went to faithfully add the book it referenced to my Amazon Wish List. He said the reference came from Book 8 “De Civitate Dei.” I added it.

Look at what Amazon says about it: “This edition of St Augustine's City of God is the only one in English to provide a text and translation as well as a detailed commentary of this most influential document in the history of western Christianity.”

That came from my study of monsters. Monsters are a part of my circles. The bulls-eye my circles are spreading out from is my deep desire to know what God’s Design of his Word is: Physical/Spiritual.

God miraculously gave me my land, “Angel Creek,” in 2018. Last August I had my land tracked for monsters and I began writing my “Angel Creek” line of work. You can find them here on my website.

God just used that to tie in Genesis & the process of Creation. Stay tuned for more miracles.

Here are two of the monsters on my land, "Angel Creek." They are watching as we clear the land and put a locking system on my blue shed.

The above short-story HERE that I wrote a few weeks before my monsters left me the same sign. It means "Righteousness." It is the symbol for "8" and "Jesus." It links to my desire to understand what the Physical/Spiritual Design of God's Word is. This design is the same as Robin's goal, "The Grand Unification Theory." He wanted to be the first person in history to solve that problem. He passed his ideas and desire to me. It is the subject of my children's book, "Willie Worm & the Apple Tree." I wrote that book beginning in 1978 but revised to fit Robin's ideas in the 1980's. My children's book is about Robin, "Gramps, - an eccentric genius building a treehouse for his grandson who is coming to visit for the summer at his old grist mill property (Chapelgate). Gramps has accidently created an intelligent talking worm by dumping the left-over chemicals from his experiments onto an ash pile while an inchworm was there. He then builds a library and condo for Willie in an apple tree overlooking the experiment he is building next to the grist mill dam. It is a portal device, (Robin wanted to solve anti-gravity & mass transport) that leads to a far-away island (based on our trip to Tetiaroa and Bora Bora). "Island" becomes my prequel to "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." HERE

Here's the sign my monsters left for me a few weeks ago, after I had written my story about that sign, the seal of Melchizadek... HERE

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written July 4, 2023 at 9:02 am (Independence Day in Texas, in the USA; God’s bit of irony; what I am creating gives us true independence to love and follow God and his Word/Righteousness. Texas style.)

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