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The Comforter, a holy spirit

My Tennessee friend who has Bigfoot on his farm (a private message he sent to me):

"That is too cool. I raised 3 boys on this property. Been here 26 years. We have never had any issues. I see their signs and works. As it is written... Ye shall know them by their fruits. 26 years of no issues is pretty good fruit. I enjoy walking in the woods and camping and nature. I don't carry guns... Never been in my spirit to do that. I believe mine are safe. If they are willing to leave you messages and not do any crazy stuff you might find you can co-exist on that property and not worry. I will always be cautious, because there could be any creature show up. But it is super nice not to live in fear."


"I grew up half-small town and half-country. My granddad owned a 160 acre farm, and farmed it, in Oklahoma. I grew up for the most part in Tennessee, Lewisburg, south of Nashville. Every 2-4 years we would take a family roadtrip to Grandad's farm. It was in our family 70 years. When my mom inherited it I thought she would pass it on to me because I loved it more than anyone else. But she sold it. That's when I bought the 3 acres of off-grid Arkansas land online sight unseen. It was only $500 down and $6,200. and gorgeous. Perfect. So I bought it for myself but also to pass down the farming ways and thinking to my children and my granddaughter, who was a little baby. I gave my land to my granddaughter, she knew it was hers' before I started figuring out Bigfoot(s) was there.

When I started figuring out Bigfoot exist and they were probably on my land I contacted Jerry and Lead Tracker E, whom I had met in the process. They drove there from Oklahoma and made a 2 hour tracking report of walking all over my land for me, to see if Bigfoot are there. I had never ventured past the first 50 feet off the dirt road. They carefully walked in, two football fields of deep woods, and took 230 photos for me. They then showed me all the huge Bigfoot structures. That enflamed my long, probably 2,000 hours of research. trying to figure all this out.

I didn't know if I was safe. I didn't know if my children and granddaughter would be safe if I took them there. I was worried about what if they were dangerous and my granddaughter didn't understand and I died and she went there once she was grown up? So, I learned everything I could about what Jerry teaches and he's a master. It wasn't until today that the Bigfoot told me themselves I didn't have to worry. It fit into all my research. Yes, I can see other things are also there and I don't grasp it all. But that is the ultimate kindness of you to tell me of your own experience because that soothes me for my family's sake. We got this. Thank you!"

The above message was sent to me by my friend in Tennessee just after I had posted my story about my Bigfoot leaving me a sign, "the sign of Melchizedec" - which means "righteousness." HERE

I had also posted this, that my Tennessee friend had just read:

"Today my Bigfoot left a sign for me and I understand it. My lady worker has been diligently clearing my land going deeper and deeper into my woods. She sends me Before and After photos every time she works 3 hours or 6 hours. That's how we proceed. Well, I look at every picture eagerly in order to see from a distance what we need to do next. I've seen this big log in my pictures. Today it was different. Today it had a new structure on it. It had 4 sticks on the left and 3 sticks on the right. I thought... "I wrote an article about this, this looks like an asterisk...what did that mean again..." and I went to look up my own short-story. My Bigfoot just left me "the sign of Melchizedek." That has meaning to me. Melchizedek means "Righteousness." They just told me they are good ones. I believe that. They also did it on the very same day, AFTER I had posted my newest short-story in a couple of Bigfoot groups that combines insight into Jesus praying in the garden, my deep ancient Biblical Hebrew studies, and getting the DOCTRINE right. I explained what the true doctrine is that Jesus was teaching us. It all matches. I received the photo of the sign in my woods with my own trees, today, after I had posted that. My own short-story explained it to me. I told my lady with a chainsaw I believe we are ok. We are."

Just before finishing this story I googled "the sign of Melchizedek" one more time just to make sure I was spelling it right. It is actually called the "star" or "seal" of Melchizedek. Look what my search showed me. This matches my short-story I just wrote about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and what that is really talking about. HERE

Google search quote: "What is the symbol of the Melchizedek priesthood?

This symbol is two interlocked squares or an eight-sided star. Found on the walls of many temples. The number 8 represents Jesus Christ and the interlocked squares represent the priesthood."

Oh, I get it. It is the 4 corners of "land" of "property" of Earth mated with, combined with, interlocked with, the 4 corners of "heaven" of "property" of Heaven. It is the symbol for SELF/OTHERS. It is what you get when you join the mastery of the lessons of Mother Earth, the physical realm, with the lessons of our Father, YHWH, Yahweh, the spiritual realm. You get Jesus. Christ Consciousness.

After I wrote this I had to think of a title. I chose the title that came to my mind that seemed to fit this the best. You have now witnessed what the Bible/Christianity refers to as a 3rd person in the Trinity. It's not a person the Bible is actually, truly, talking about. It is a spirit that exists inside those who follow the Self/Others path to completion. It is, like these creatures/men on my land, who have mastered both, holy, sacred. It is like you have just witnessed here with me desiring to pass on my land to my family safely, holy. It is like my Tennessee friend sending me a personal message of his own experiences in order to comfort me. It is not the Holy Spirit the Bible is talking about. It is the holy spirit.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written June 8, 2023 at 5:59 pm

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written June 9, 2023 at 10:30 am

Part of this story: HERE


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