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Melam & Genesis

Genesis 6 is not being translated correctly. It says that the sons of God mated with the daughters of men and created the giants. The reason why this is not being translated correctly is because both the doctrine of the Bible and the doctrine of Science are wrong, as currently taught and understood. We are talking about verses in the Old Testament Bible. Hebrew. Ancient Biblical Hebrew.

Who is telling you this about Genesis 6 is a lifelong student and scholar of the Bible who spent 15,000 hours pouring over the retranslation of the ancient Biblical Hebrew into the English after a Master of Arts in Religious Studies and a Master of Divinity. I stopped counting in 2009, I stopped writing how many hours each day I was spending in between caring for 4 children after my late husband died. I'd wash clothes, clean the house, cook meals, shop, and take my kids on educational and fun adventures. I moved to Orlando just so I would have the environment I needed to be able to do this. I had planned to spend 2 years in Florida, a year in Orlando and a year in Daytona Beach. I love the ocean and beach and wanted to live primarily in Daytona Beach, on the ocean. However, I was responsible for my young children after my husband died and I didn't yet know what the destructive power of the frequent hurricanes was going to prove to be. So I started us off in the safer of the two locations, Orlando, with intentions to move to Daytona Beach once I grasped the weather situation better. However, I loved Orlando, it was beautiful and had all the touristy stuff to do with the kids, that I loved. Each year I bought us all at least one annual pass to one of the major attractions, usually Typhoon Lagoon, or Universal Studios. I took the kids and it was easy for me to do so because I wanted to go there myself. I looked forward to it. To this day I google "Typhoon Lagoon" and look at their annual passes just because I love the dream.

I moved there, made this decision, in 1998 - after my first Masters degree was finished, but before my 2nd was begun. Already, by this time, I had started comparing the English King James Bible, our standard foundational English translation in my background, with the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Bible I had bought for my classes in Hebrew and Bible and with my Greek translations of the Bible as well. I already had all the translation tools I needed because of my degree and the books I had been required to buy and study and classes I had been required to take. Just before I had made the decision to load everything I could into my beautiful new big conversion van I had bought to travel in with my children, rent an Orlando apartment online, sight unseen, load up my kids, and drive from Texas to Florida I had begun translating word by word with paper, pen, and diagrams I drew. I had learned the techniques I would use, already. I had been taught that the vowels were not original, the vowel pointing system had come along centuries later, and the words had flowed from right to left in a stream, not divided into the individual words, sentences, and paragraphs that came later. SO I went back to the original as closely as I was able to and ignored the vowels and the spacing. Once I had done that I also knew that the Hebrews loved the concept of 3, of a 3 letter root. So with my pen and paper I wrote each word down in a verse with each on its' own line. Then under each word I looked up and wrote down ALL the possible definitions.

I did not do this the same way I had been taught in my classes. I had noticed that all of my training seemed to operate from the lack of understanding that God is real. From birth I had learned God is real. By 1998 I had spent 12 years doing what I describe in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." Basically I had already been on a lifetime journey with God, our Father, following the teachings of Jesus, his Son. Especially since my vow I made to God in 1985, described in my book, I had made a superhuman effort to obey God regardless of whether I desired to or not, feed myself with good spiritual food and music, and study the Bible every single day. I had done that, already, for my entire life, but in particular for the past 12 years. My personal training had been in a church family environment being raised by an elder and his wife, in our church. The Church of Christ was one of the final holdouts for belief in the divine inspiration of the Holy Bible. I had been taught Bible stories and lessons from birth and raised in a family where God and the church were the center of the universe and our daily lives. I had continued this dedication as an adult, raising my own children, and had dedicated our entire property, Chapelgate, to the glory of God. I had been steadily transforming our property into an environment where I could bring the Contemporary Christian Music Songwriters and Recording artists as a retreat, to strengthen them, shelter them, and give them a place that was very special and beautiful, where the outside influences of the earthly world were held at bay at the gates. Chapelgate. I had designed it to be a strengthening place for those who wrote the songs Christians sung, about God. I had created a network of friendship between the songwriters and recording artists and industry executives. All of this was being steadily created by my late husband and me when he died. I had been in the beginning to middle stages of accomplishing it, well on my way, when (read my book "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir" HERE) I sacrificed Chapelgate to God out of obedience and love for God, and for his glory.

So, when 3 of my 4 children and I moved in our beautiful van from Texas to Florida, in 1998 (I had already homeschooled my oldest child and he was tucked away safely, at the age of 16, at our alma mater Abilene Christian University, studying towards his Bachelor's and Masters' degrees in Computer Science) ALL of the above was already accomplished. I moved us with just what I could carry in our van, I had put everything else in storage. So we made pallets out of blankets on the floor of our newly rented beautiful Orlando apartment, and we began again from there. I had brought my most important theology books, my computer, and my guitar. The apartment was otherwise empty. I'd make cups of coffee in the kitchen microwave, then lay down on the floor, on my stomach, on a blanket pallet with my King James Bible and my Hebraica Biblia Stuttgartensia, pen and paper, and I'd look up not just every single word beginning in Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1 but every possible overlapping series of 1, 2, 3, sometimes more, 4, 5 letters because of the way I knew the original had been written and read. I wrote every single word with all possible meanings down on my diagrammed pieces of paper and I studied and translated for 6 months by hand, just like this. After 6 months, and I have my papers still, to prove it, in two huge books I created at the time, God took mercy on me and one day while taking the kids to a Christian bookstore in Orlando, I noticed a box of software in the discount bin on sale for $134., marked down, called Logos Bible Software, and I had tightened my belt, splurged, and bought it. By this time I had also sacrificed $690 million dollars to God (again, read my book HERE) which was the value of the damages owed to me due to the misuse of my late husband's intellectual property he had created, and also included my sacrifice of Chapelgate and every single earthly possession I had, for God's glory. Now, I was a widow, who had been raising 4 kids for 8 years at that time on the money I had left from my late husband. It was just enough to do all this, and I used it in this way. God and Robin had provided for us, just what we needed. I had sacrificed everything else to continue on with my exploration of the trail God my Father, Yahweh, would lead me on, and was. He had led me to the desire to understand the Bible. That's what I was doing, while raising my children, in Orlando. Instead of 2 years I just stayed right there, where we were, for the next 12 years, and I lived, followed God, studied, raised my kids by going out to the fun places I was already eager to go to and which I had placed right there for us, for our home, and I marked on my wall calendar 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 hour, 6 hours, every single day for 12 years until I could add it up and say, "I spent 15,000 hours retranslating the Bible." That was 1998 to 2009. What I don't include when I say that is the same passionate lifestyle from 2009 to the present and ongoing, 2009 - 2023, another way over 15, 000 hours.

THAT is the concept of "Melam." THAT is what Genesis 6 is actually talking about. It is talking about what happens when the "gods/elohim" of the TORAH of God's Word come down from "Heaven" the spiritual realm where they dwell and MATE with the gods/elohim of SCIENCE of the "Earth" the physical realm. Which is what you see me doing on my website with my writings as I now compare the wisdom I have gathered, learned, become, with the greatest science/physical minds of the Earth, through my $10,000. worth of books I gathered from every corner of the world through Amazon and my steady stream of purchases for the past 3 years. Today, I am studying the Astral plane. Yesterday, I studied how the invisible principles of the "heavens" mate with the physical principles of the "earth" and are identical. This is being used for economics and social engineering, It is being used by the giants of the physical realm, the "earth," and has created a system of slavery. My study of the ancient Biblical Hebrew tells me that that is NOT God's - Yahweh's - final plan, his Doctrine. His doctrine says that Heaven is over Earth, Genesis 1:1 - "Dwelling in the HEAD PLACE - of the subject of the Bible, of Israel, of Torah, of God's Word - the place where the leaders dwell...the elohim/gods of Heaven attach their knowledge to that of the elohim/gods of Earth and CREATION is kick-started and put into motion. The Creation of what? Where are we reading this, we are reading it in the Bible, in God's Word. The CREATION or rather the RE-CREATION of GOD'S Doctrine. His Holy Word.

Behold "Melam." Behold "Genesis 6." Behold the true meaning of it all. Behold "Bigfoot and Dogman." Isn't God - Yahweh - magnificent? Yes.

Definition of Melam:

Today, when I woke up, made my routine cup of coffee, settled into my beautiful white massage chair in front of my 72" television screen I have connected to my computer as the monitor because it is now 1985 - vow date to 2023, today, same vow - I just happen to be magically on Exodus Chapter 9. I do this every single day, all day long, in between my cleaning the house, going on fun adventures, and taking care of my family remnant. I retranslate the King James Bible back into the original ancient Biblical Hebrew and Greek and I have been graciously allowed to have the tools I need, my digital versions in front of me at this point in time. I write often about the supernatural nature of all this, how whatever I happen to be studying automatically matches whatever Bible book, chapter, and verse I happen to be on during any particular day. Today, I just happen to be on Exodus Chapter 9 because that's where I had gotten to, again, last night when I fell asleep. Exodus Chapter 9 started talking about a "field" and I know - because God's Word and ALL this study and adventure exist inside me - that the word they are translating also means demon, also means to "deal violently" with someone/something - you know like stealing, in my opinion, $690 million dollars from someone and their home they had dedicated to God and his Songwriters: El Shaddai. El means gods/elohim, Shaddai would be someone like, lets say, those Earth rulers who have destroyed America and are reaching for the rest of the world, destroyed our DOCTRINE and left us with the current useless, weak doctrine of today's Christianity. Shaddai, would also be someone like, let's say, those Heaven rulers who are faithfully and busily at work figuring out what God is actually like, and what he actually wants us to do, and what his word actually says. Shaddai - two mirror images of the same concept from the vantage point of both earth and heaven. I just looked up THAT word when I reached it, figured out what Exodus 9 is actually talking about, and came straight here to write this article/short-story when in the process I stumbled across the new to me word of "Melam" which also seems to be what Bigfoot and Dogmen are doing. Plot twist. HERE and HERE

Google quote: "The term "El Shaddai" may mean "god of the mountains", referring to the Mesopotamian divine mountain. This could also refer to the Israelite camp's stay at biblical Mount Sinai where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments."

Google quote: "Sumerian an means "heaven, sky", and An can therefore be seen as the personified heavens. The cuneiform sign AN also has the value DINGIR, 'god' (Akkadian ilu(m)), and is used as the determinative for deities..." My Bigfoot Dingir short-story, true, is HERE

Google quote: "In the earliest Sumerian writings about them, which come from the Post-Akkadian period, the Anunnaki are deities in the pantheon, descendants of An and Ki, the god of the heavens and the goddess of earth, and their primary function was to decree the fates of humanity."

Google/Wikipedia quote: "Deities in ancient Mesopotamia were almost exclusively anthropomorphic. They were thought to possess extraordinary powers and were often envisioned as being of tremendous physical size. The deities typically wore melam, an ambiguous substance which "covered them in terrifying splendor." Melam could also be worn by heroes, kings, giants, and even demons. The effect that seeing a deity's melam has on a human is described as ni, a word for the physical tingling of the flesh. Deities were almost always depicted wearing horned caps, consisting of up to seven superimposed pairs of ox-horns. They were also sometimes depicted wearing clothes with elaborate decorative gold and silver ornaments sewn into them. The ancient Mesopotamians believed that their deities lived in Heaven" ...(and came down to Earth).

Conclusion: The Anunnaki are NOT the same concept as is being pushed today by the Earth's rulers/gods/anunnaki. They are not aliens from outer space. They are masters of Science, of the Earth, the elite 1% of the elite 1%. They have created today's new concept to throw us off from God - Yahweh's - true DOCTRINE that Heaven is over Earth. Heaven RULES over Earth. Torah, God's Word, the Bible, God's design in nature and Creation, is Superior to/Rules over Earth. There is a hierarchy and Heaven, the spiritual realm, righteousness, obedience to God and his laws, guided by his grace, taught to us by Jesus, the real Jesus, teaching the real Jesus stuff, RULES over Earth, the physical realm. They are polar opposites, mirrored, and mate as Husband/Wife. Jesus takes his Bride - the physical realm - in the Final Days, now.

Let's go! Study the Bible/Walk with God in faith and obedience, see for yourself. I am writing to the Warriors. I am writing to the Leaders. I am writing to God's Songwriters, the writers of his songs. To those who live the songs we pass down to our congregation and children. Let's go!

Melam links to Bigfoot & Dogmen: the shimmering, the translucency, the supernatural abilities, the sense of fear they invoke.

I kept pondering the concept of the Earth's elite, the 1% of the 1% ruling our systems on earth and how they seem to be so evil. "Did God really intend for his masters of Torah to mate with THESE Earth/science elite? They are evil. And what about the "fallen angels" concept? These sneaky word experts, word shape-shifters, twisters could be doing that - twisting the concept. Genesis 1:1 is describing how the spiritual mates with the physical. Our current doctrine has twisted that. Satan doesn't mean a being equal/opposite to Yahweh. That's false. Satan is defiance against God/Yahweh and his Holy Word/Law/Torah in its' true meaning/Righteousness/Natural law designed in Creation. It is a spirit of defiance. SO are WE supposed to mate with THEM??! And the elohim of the spiritual realm don't "fall" as in the sense of rebellion. They "DESCEND" from the mastery of the spiritual realm to earth to master the physical realm. Like what I'm doing."

I re-read the definition of the word, "Melam." It made it very clear that melam had nothing to do with morality. It was a sort-of "outer-space/technology/UFO" thing, you know. Defiance against God and God's Word/Law/Morality/Righteousness/Holiness. Guess who is controlling our online definitions? Earth, physical realm, masters. Melam has EVERYTHING to do with "Morality" and "Immorality" and NOTHING to do with fake outer-space lies and deceit. See more of my work on this HERE See the Earth master's "almost true" work HERE

Then it occurred to me Robin was covered in Melam. I not only married Robin, here it is 33 years later, after his death, and I'm still his wife. Today, right now. I'm STILL his wife. He is part of me, in me. We joined physically AND spiritually.

Robin used to tell me that his level of genius placed him in the top 1/10th of the top 1% of the most intelligent people to have ever walked the earth.

"THAT'S an "Earth Master." THAT'S an Elohim of the physical realm. Robin was good, not evil. These "Earth Elite" are not ruling from Earth, they are ruling from Hell. Genesis 1:1 is talking about someone like me, a Master of Torah, God's Law, the heavens mating with someone like Robin, a Master of Science, God's physical laws, earth. That's good. This is deep...I mated with Robin, his ideas are in me, but I'm a Master/elohim/god of the Spiritual realm. We're doing this together. Heaven & Earth."

Now, I'll click "Save" and go back to my books, my friends, my genius 1% earth advisors, all their wonderful books which surround me in my room, right now.

I did but I'm back. I thought I was finished. I went back to read the next verses in Genesis 9, where I had left off and there, again, was Bigfoot. It was talking about how the Heavenly elohim lead and when they do so it creates a plague in Egypt, the plague of hail. I just sent down HAIL from HEAVEN (concepts, folks) and BLASTED the Earth's doctrine and current doctrines about the Bible and God (and Heaven/Earth and Hell - the way the Astral travel is going through an exploration of levels of Hell, for you New Age enthusiasts, in case you haven't figured that out; I'm not interested in going to Hell, I was hoping I could go to Bora Bora). So, I was on the Plagues of Egypt in Exodus 9, finished writing this, went back to where I had left off when I started writing this and Wallah!!! How's that for TIMING. Our God TIMES his GLORY. TIMING. I went back after blasting the earth with HAIL and read ...and THUNDER. The concept of THUNDER - think about it - and LIGHTNING - is to BLAST LOUDLY in a STORM in the NIGHT, in the DARK. EVERYTHING in the entire BIBLE is TALKING ABOUT the correct DOCTRINE God our Father, Yahweh, has designed, which is contained both in the Bible and in ALL of CREATION. THUNDER. LIGHTNING (Hearing and Seeing, Sound and Insight). Guess who can create Thunder and Lightning? The weather-controlling 1% Earth Elite, who deceive us about it. Bigfoot. Heaven Elite. OUR Thunder and Lightning happens Spiritually, when God's true Doctrine is revealed.

I checked my spelling, corrected my errors, and messaged this to my closest Warrior friends. One immediately sent back the very same article I mentioned earlier, and said she had been curious about what "Melam" is and found that. I said, "Yes, that's the same article I talk about that says "Morality has nothing to do with it." It does. She is now reading this short-story.

THEN I saw my Gmail App on my phone close to a farming game I play to relax and had just played. I NEVER check that app because I don't use that email. Curiosity. I tapped the app and read the email that glared out at me. I can use Fair Use Standards in my work and often do so, so this is just to show you that email. TIMING. I sent a screenshot of it to my girlfriend who had written to me about Melam. She knows about God's Timing and experiences it in her day to day walk. I've drawn the best Warriors I can find to me. She knows. But even she was blown away by it. The email I had accidently opened to read was talking about Israel. It was talking about how the Earth elite, (man I thought all this was MY work), think that they don't have to play by any rules. It was talking about what I just wrote this short-story about, timed with my girlfriend reading it, timed with Exodus 9, are you beginning to see the supernatural at work? This is the heavenly realm I'm writing about. It is supernatural. It is timed by God, controlled by God, Yahweh, and WE, God's priests, his best of the best we have down here right now, the Remnant, WALK and OPERATE in the Supernatural. Here's what I opened and showed my girlfriend. Thunder. Lightning. Even I am a bit fearful of drawing the attention of the subject of this email towards myself. They wear Melam. But here, .... (my screenshots of part of the email I opened through synchronicity/supernatural guidance are below). Bear in mind I love Israel and my passion is ancient Biblical Hebrew. Bear in mind I said "ancient."


Google the rest... or not. Regardless, I think God just made his point. xo

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 21, 2023 at 12:25 pm


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