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What do Stick Glyphs mean?

In one of my Bigfoot groups on Facebook, today, I was asked, "Do you have any thoughts on what the stick glyphs might mean?"

Here is my answer:

"I have 2 direct experiences. I bought land that had been undisturbed for decades. I bought a little blue shed/cabin and had it moved there. Shortly after, I began hiring local people (I live in Texas and the property is off grid in Arkansas) to go out there a few hours at a time and weedeat/chainsaw, start clearing the land. As a direct result the Bigfoot built a HUGE X Cross a few feet from my cabin. I think it marks their territory. I cut the cross down. It seemed like the spirit of placing one that big and that near my cabin was "Keep Out - MINE." My other experience is just the opposite, well maybe not. I kept clearing the land. I hire people/they do what I ask/I pay from Texas. They send me before and after photos of their work. So after cutting down the X cross I continued to clear the yard section around the road frontage and cabin about 200 feet by 70 feet. Meanwhile group experts and founders were helping me spot the creatures, MANY creatures, in my before and after photos. I now have hundreds of photos and dozens of beings circled as a result, not just Bigfoot. My Bigfoot then created an "Asterisk" for me - WHILE my main hired lady was there clearing and very close to her, but unseen and unnoticed by her, I have the photos. I kept trying to figure that out until I finally figured out it means "Righteousness/Holiness/Christ/Jesus." It is the Sign/Seal of Melchizedec, King of Righteousness. So they were using it to comfort me, I think they read my spirit and knew I loved my land, was not a threat to them, and was clearing it for the safety of myself and my family. I study ancient Biblical Hebrew passionately so they knew I would understand the sign. It means they have Christ Consciousness. THAT's how they are doing all the spiritual things they do. They have combined knowledge of nature with knowledge of God our Father and his laws of holiness."

Just before that, the same lady in the group had posted a picture of a translucent Bigfoot or some creature's head, next to the ground. She said she had been startled because she couldn't see a body, just the head on the ground. She said, "This was a surreal capture as his head was on the ground with no body in sight."

So I had commented and had said:

"They stand in a hole or ditch. It is part of how they camouflage. I also have video on my website (link on my page) of one of mine 80% translucent. He comes up out of the ground like a ghost. Oh, and they often crawl like a spider so his body could be behind him. Great photo!"

She said," Do you have the link for the video I would love to take a look at it?"

I said, yes, and sent her this story/video HERE

Then she said: "Fantastic photo, there are alot of other beings out there for sure (the ranch in Texas where I took the photo/I know I have them at "Angel Creek") but my feeling is if you have connected with a particular clan they will always have your back and protect you. xx"

I then said:

"I get that same feeling, thanks for your knowledge. It helps because I think this photo was given to me to calm me down from worrying about whether or not my family and I would be safe around them. This is the same Bigfoot with a human face that I have the video/photo of where he is 80% translucent. The thing is I took this photo in Texas at a friend's ranch. I didn't even notice the Bigfoot for a couple of months. My friends are in the front, and this was way in back by the chicken house. Both photos are in my story about it. Yes, there are a lot of other creatures/whatever they are beings in the photo. But look at his body. There are creatures in his body too. I think he is shape shifting. I think he traveled 600 miles from my land in Arkansas TO where I was in Texas, on this particular day, to appear at just the right instant to be in my photo and LET me take a photo of him. The ramifications of that are mind boggling."

I also gave her links to my stories I mention:

"Here's a picture of the Huge X cross they built and the story:" HERE

"This story is about the "Asterisk" meaning:" HERE

"Here's a picture of the "asterisk" they built which is the "Seal of Melchizedec and the story:" HERE

When I finished my story I did a search for a photo I could use to illustrate my story. I typed in "stick glyphs." THEN I typed in "Ancient Biblical Hebrew stick glyphs." That's when the next door - to the next part of whatever journey I'm on - opened. I already knew the Bigfoot were measuring using a cubit, which is an ancient Biblical Hebrew measurement. NOW I suspect, that if I will study in THIS direction I will figure out more about the stick glyphs they are using.

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Written November 21, 2023 at 5:25 pm


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