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Ezekiel 38 & "Don't Call them Bigfoot"

This is going to require a very delicate hand. I now know what Ezekiel 38 is about. Go read Ezekiel 1 "The Exiles start Coming Home," the short-story I wrote yesterday after my Florida girlfriend sent me her latest thoughts about Ezekiel 38. In that article I said I first went to Ezekiel 1 to figure out the setting so I'd know what it is talking about. I said the setting is the current doctrine of Christianity. How can that be? Go read everything, especially "A Small Southern Town." That's my short-story I wrote recently, like last week, wherein I explain what I believe our Christian Doctrine should be and where we went wrong. Jesus was leading us to the "Kingdom of Heaven," also referred to in the Bible as "The Promised Land." "The Promised Land" is our Christian Doctrine, what God wants it to be, what it is. The "Kingdom of Heaven" is over the "Kingdom of Earth." If we master it, like Jesus was explaining to us that he had done and was teaching us how to do, then WE, with our correct Christian doctrine operating in our minds and hearts and lives, RULE over what is now being referred to as "The Elite." They rule the Earth. We rule them. Heaven is OVER Earth. That's what Jesus wanted us to know.

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