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Ezekiel 38 & "Don't Call them Bigfoot"

This is going to require a very delicate hand. I now know what Ezekiel 38 is about. Go read Ezekiel 1 "The Exiles start Coming Home," the short-story I wrote yesterday after my Florida girlfriend sent me her latest thoughts about Ezekiel 38. In that article I said I first went to Ezekiel 1 to figure out the setting so I'd know what it is talking about. I said the setting is the current doctrine of Christianity. How can that be? Go read everything, especially "A Small Southern Town." That's my short-story I wrote recently, like last week, wherein I explain what I believe our Christian Doctrine should be and where we went wrong. Jesus was leading us to the "Kingdom of Heaven," also referred to in the Bible as "The Promised Land." "The Promised Land" is our Christian Doctrine, what God wants it to be, what it is. The "Kingdom of Heaven" is over the "Kingdom of Earth." If we master it, like Jesus was explaining to us that he had done and was teaching us how to do, then WE, with our correct Christian doctrine operating in our minds and hearts and lives, RULE over what is now being referred to as "The Elite." They rule the Earth. We rule them. Heaven is OVER Earth. That's what Jesus wanted us to know.

So this is going to require a very delicate hand. I'm going to have to explain to you what happened without stepping on some very important toes. Just because we rule doesn't mean we don't have to still love our neighbor as ourselves and put God and his teachings in the head place. We do. So I'll be delicate.

God has me cook a dish in order to understand the receipe. He's been doing this with me now for decades. That's all documented in my writings, especially, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." Did you notice I talk about that book, my main book, a lot and suggest you read it? Did you also notice that there's no place for you to go buy it? That's because it is important. I don't let just anyone buy it. I give it away. I've given away over $2,000. of my book to my family and friends. If I let you buy it it is because you have enough money, in my eyes, and because I trust you and think you will know what to do with it. It is straight from my day to day life from 1985 to 2009. It is full of stories and songs just like you see here on my website. I've now written its sequel, 2010 to the present. It's not published yet, it is sitting in a box in my closet. Those stories are the same thing. They are straight from my day to day life. They are DOCUMENTATION. I was Robin's Documentation Specialist, hand-trained by one of the world's leading geniuses, my late beloved husband. I document everything. It's a habit. It is an essence. It is my books, my songs. They are documentation of God and I walking hand-in-hand for decades now and what he showed me because he wanted his Christians to understand his doctrine, his design.

And that leads us straight back to Ezekiel 1 "The Exiles start Coming Home," and this article about what Ezekiel 38 means. God had me cook the recipe yesterday for Ezekiel 38. That is how God trains me, teaches me to grasp what he wants me to know and then God has trained me to go write it for you. I've faithfully done that. It's what I do. I breathe it. It is my day-to-day life. It is Ezekiel 38. In my story, "A Small Southern Town," I describe a pattern that I noticed, that God showed me, in the entire Bible. Part of that pattern is Individual/Corporate. My Florida girlfriend yesterday, who prompted me to think about Ezekiel 38 in the first place, described to me (and I included in my article) what she thought the current state of Christianity is in politics and world events. That's Corporate. It is part of God's pattern in his doctrine, his design. What I am writing right now is Individual. It is part of God's pattern in his doctrine, his design. What is true on the small individual plane is also true on the large corporate plane. Have you ever heard someone say, "We have a universe inside us." It's like that.

I first figured out, then, that the setting for Ezekiel is God's Doctrine. It is about the period of time when God's Christians, his people, his true Israelites, start grasping they have the doctrine, the design wrong, and they as individuals and then later as corporate groups begin to flow to the Promised Land. To the Kingdom of Heaven. They begin to rule over the Elite. Heaven is over Earth.

Here's the recipe I cooked with my Father yesterday, that I am going to be very delicate about explaining. God matches what he wants me to know to my life. If He wants me to know something then He makes it happen in my life. That is so I can grasp it. That is so I can understand what his scriptures are talking about. He has me cook the recipe. I've been doing that for years and years and so faithfully that my day-to-day life now matches the Hebrew Calendar. It matches it so well that I can even tell when they have the calendar a bit off because the event will happen in my day-to-day life and when I look at the calendar I say to myself, "Oh, that's what happened two days ago, their calendar is off by two days." You have to obey God's instructions EXACTLY if you want his calendar to be correct. I'm not in charge of making the calendars. I just use what anyone can buy online. Another girlfriend sent me a link to the calendar she uses and I bought that calendar. I used to keep one on my wall and mark it every time. Now she will just tell me, it is so and so festival, or special date and I'll go research it and figure out what it is communicating to us. Then I'll compare that to my life events and wallah! guess what, they match. The essence matches. Always.

So I had an event happen yesterday that matches Ezekiel 38 so that I could grasp what God was communicating to us, so I could then write this story, and show you. Then you know how it is done too. We start coming home. Several of us have now. There will be more and more. God's Design of his Creation cannot be destroyed. Once you grasp the design then you also grasp the doctrine, our correct as Jesus intended it, as the Bible actually teaches underneath the superimposed guesses of men, doctrine. This is how it is done.

I had a very special phone conversation with a very special man yesterday. Facebook is great in some ways. Oh, by the way, Facebook said I couldn't buy an ad to promote my Ezekiel 1 story yesterday. I had mentioned too many things they don't want mentioned. They rejected my ad. (You can now boost your posts and I've spent $40 this month, personally, boosting my stories; I tried to boost Ezekiel 1 yesterday and they said no, they rejected it. So go read it.) Facebook put me in touch with a very special man yesterday, a leader, because we are in the same groups and can now message each other and friend each other. We had. I had asked him to go to my Ozarks land, like Jerry Williams did, and figure out what creatures I actually have there. I told him I was scared to do it. I had bought my Ozarks land sight unseen, online, 600 miles away, from Texas, where I live, and before I had even explored it all I had started figuring out Bigfoot exists and was there. God had put me in touch with Jerry Williams, again because of Facebook, and the same groups. I had asked Jerry to go to my land and scout it and tell me what is there. He did. See my "Angel Creek" short-stories. Jerry believes they are ALL predators, I do too but in a different sense, see my "Not Nephilim" story. The important, book-writing, expert, leader I had a conversation with yesterday has a different philosophy. He sees their good side. He says not to call them Bigfoot because they prefer the name he calls them by. He is their spokesman.

So yesterday he and I discussed whether or not I was safe to go to my new blue cabin on my Ozarks land. He said yes. He said I am safe. He said that it is only the GOOD don't call them Bigfoot, Bigfoot, that create X crosses. He knew Bigfoot creatures had erected a huge X right next to my new blue cabin. I had written stories about it. I had told him by Messenger and by posting my stories in the groups I am in, where he is also. "I read everything you wrote," he told me yesterday. I could tell it had been a chore to him. I think he was just talking about reading what I had wrote on Messenger, not particularly my short-stories, to him asking him to go to my land. It wasn't that much so I'm guessing he's not as fond as I am of reading. It had seemed to have been a chore. I just said, "I write a lot." I do. I'm a Writer.

In the course of him telling me to quit being afraid, "God doesn't want us to be fearful, we are to be brave, and there's really NOTHING to be afraid about, just go to your land and enjoy it," we also discussed doctrine. He basically was just repeating to me everything I had already read in his books, like it is something he does on the phone by rote now, because he has repeated it so much. I already knew that. I told him I already believed him, well except for two points. I told him that I had Jerry's stream of thought going on in my mind side by side with HIS stream of thought ("Are Bigfoot Good or Evil", see my story). I told him I would love to believe HIM (because that means I really am safe, as is my family) but that I had two points that were preventing me from totally believing his doctrine about Bigfoot. I also pointed out that he himself says there are Evil or Bad Bigfoot (he said, no, they are not the same, they just look similar but behave differently, there are no bad "his kind"). Anyway, we both agree that there ARE good creatures that look very similar to the bad creatures. The bad creatures, I pointed out, are teaming up with Dogmen (Jerry says "don't call them Dogmen, that gives people a false sense of security because dogs are often good). Ok, then, Werewolves, not Dogmen. There are good ones and bad ones. We agreed, sort of. HE, being the HEAD (and this is the very important point that matches Ezekiel 38) of a line of thought about these creatures, the leading expert, of his line of thought, told me that yes, sometimes the bad Dogmen/Werewolves team up with the bad Bigfoot by another name creatures and they hunt together. I had just finished watching a horrific video that is now in my story, "Not Nephilim," about just that situation, experienced first hand by a lifetime Tennessee policeman. I'll try to put links at the end for you. I totally believed that policeman. Some things your gut just tells you is true. I believe it. Therefore, "am I safe at Angel Creek?" questions to a leading expert. I later sent him that video.

This is so confusing. I have total respect for the man I had a phone conversation with. He knows what he is talking about. I believe him. There ARE good ones. It matches my Hebrew retranslated Bible doctrine. I therefore know it is true. I believe there are bad ones, (he says yes but not his type), just like Jerry says. Jerry tracks them. Jerry teaches trackers. One of his trackers shot one the other day and killed it. That story can be found here in my stories. Just search and you'll find the link. Listen to your gut.

This was the "recipe" that allowed me to grasp Ezekiel 38. It is about DOCTRINE. Ezekiel 38 is discussing DOCTRINE. It is talking about when two different doctrines collide. My two points that were preventing me from totally accepting the explanation of one of the world's leading experts boiled down to doctrine. I said, here are my two points: "We are on a flat earth. We have a dome over us. Therefore...delicate." Secondly, I said, "Why do these "don't call them Bigfoot" creatures have the same Christian doctrine as you? If they are truly in touch with our Father then they should know what his true doctrine is. However, I do believe they love Him and try to follow Him."

And that's Ezekiel 38. Maybe it is talking about Russia and pipelines and Israel overseas and everything like my girlfriend thought. She is thinking Corporately. God gave me an Individual recipe. My doctrine clashed with the expert's doctrine. That was the essence, the heart. That is what Ezekiel 38 is talking about. God's true DESIGN, which I have now explained to you in "A Small Southern Town," CLASHES with current Christian Doctrine. The DESIGN, God's Word, the true Bible, the true Jesus stories, WINS.

P.S. Gog and Magog are discussing the human pride and majesty of the leaders who clash over doctrine. They have both paid their dues. They are both justifiably proud of their accomplishments. They are both arrogant. But only one is right. The one who has God's Doctrine correct. That would be me. xo Angel

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 21, 2023 at 1:39 pm

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