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Holy Threshold

One of my friends posted that he thought Bigfoot were guardians of the forest. I agree. In his comments many different ideas were expressed both agreeing and disagreeing. Some people see Bigfoot as friends. Some see Bigfoot as Predators. This is what I said:

Angel: "I've been trying to figure this out for 5 years. I have several short-stories on my website (link on my page) from day one, trying to figure this out. I did what our mutual friend suggested, from the start, and blocked them from mindspeaking with me. I felt they had and told him so, our friend, and he warned me. So I prayed to God and asked God to block them from direct access to my mind. I said if they wanted to tell me something then they could tell God and he could tell me. That has worked. They only did it that first time. They are not allowed to cross the threshhold of my mind. In my mind I commune with God Yahweh 24/7 and have learned when he is teaching me. I didn’t want them in because my mind is reserved for God alone. “Pray without ceasing.” I’ve been thrown out of Bigfoot groups for not going along with the program and thinking of them like Harry & the Hendersons.

I watched the video interviewing Mark Barton who happily made You Tube videos for 6 years then they turned on him. HERE He had incredible insight and I keep that foremost in my mind. These aren’t toy animals and it makes me angry to see the people who treat them like that because there IS real danger.

I do believe they are Predators. HERE

However mine have left me stick signs. There was a small cross, like a Jesus cross, when I first entered my property I bought in the Ozarks five years ago. Our friends tracked my land for me and confirmed their presence, which I had begun to suspect. HERE

Mine built a HUGE X next to the little shed I bought and had delivered. HERE All this is in my stories I write.

Mine left me a perfect asterisk WHILE my lady worker I’d hired (I’m in Texas, my property is in Arkansas, I rarely visit) to clear my land was there. HERE and HERE

I have several hundred photos and videos now because I hire locals to weedeat/chainsaw & require before/after photos. Yes I warn them first, they don’t believe me or don’t care as much as getting paid. So I have photos before they built the big asterisk AND after they built it, same day. It means “Seal of Melchizedek” from my best research efforts, which I describe in my stories. That means “righteousness.”

Mine have followed me to Texas just to appear in a photo I took at a Texas friend’s ranch, clear as day. HERE That photo matched one of my Arkansas worker’s videos. Same Bigfoot. HERE

I also have Dogmen there and photos. HERE and HERE

But the Bigfoot I have the video of came up out of the ground like a ghost, walked right in front of my worker who was taking her before/after photos/videos for me, was translucent, had a baby on his shoulder, and dove into a pile of branches where other Bigfoot toddlers were. HERE

I have a photo of a Bigfoot mama with a Bigfoot toddler in one hand and a Dogman toddler in her other hand, both upside down, she has them by their ankles and she looks like a big dumb happy mama, all mostly translucent. HERE

So they are very family oriented and have been friendly towards me in a way. On the other hand they are Predators, way beyond our human abilities, and I do believe horror stories I’ve heard. HERE

Bottom line, I don’t know. Both sides so far. I lean more towards Predator. But my own definition of what a Predator is, based on God's Word. I tend to think Bigfoot is man who has reverted to the original design, in communion with nature and shaped by living deeply in that nature. When you do this you become the keeper of the "trees" - God's laws are both found in nature and in the Bible. Christ, in my viewpoint, was a mirror image of a Predator. I think they have Christ Consciousness. But there may be two kinds which we would interpret as good/evil. See my writings on Christ Consciousness HERE

PS I agree with the idea they are guardians of the forests. It matches my Bible studies. Trees are symbolism for God’s laws." Think of it as Bigfoot being original man, deeply intuned with God's natural laws. Or the mirror image. I don't know yet. See all my writings. xo

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Written May 16, 2024 at 2:14 pm


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